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She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Going on Vacation With Another Woman….but Wait, it Gets Worse. 

Imagine finding out that your boyfriend was going on vacation without you, and to make matters a bit more turbulent he’s going away with another girl!

This is exactly what happened to this woman as she takes to Reddit to seek advice on this situation that has taken her by surprise. 

In a Nut Shell

A Reddit user (22F) is furious with her boyfriend (23M). A couple of weeks ago she found out that he was planning on going on vacation with another girl. Perplexed by this, she has had fallen out with him and now he isn’t going. However, this doesn’t even touch the sides of the overall story. Read on to find out why she’s preparing to break up with him. 

Is There Still Hope for Them?

The original poster (OP) explains that she goes to a different college than her boyfriend and that he met his new friend at college. They have only known each other for four months but he was ready to book a holiday with her despite never planning any trips with OP. 

At first, OP thought he was playing a joke on her but it turned out that he was being deadly serious. It’s easy to see why OP thought that he was winding her up when you consider he has only known the girl four months, he is in a relationship and she has never been on vacation with him before. 

What’s more, OP hadn’t even seen her boyfriend for a few weeks due to the distance between the pair, but the moment he had some spare time he wanted to go away with another girl instead of making an effort to go and see her. 

Understandably, OP was furious with him and told him that he was out of his mind. Fair enough. Her boyfriend replied saying that he understood and canceled the trip but she didn’t feel like he truly understood the problem. 

Fast forward a few weeks and OP asked her boyfriend what he told his new “friend” about why he could no longer go on the trip. It turns out that he had sent his friend screenshots of OP’s messages going mad and they were both laughing behind her back calling her ‘crazy’ and a ‘psycho’. 

So, not only does OP’s boyfriend want to go on holiday with another girl, but he also started to gaslight her. OP feels that the time is right to end the relationship but she wanted to double-check with Reddit first to make sure she wasn’t somehow in the wrong here. 

A No Brainer

Luckily for OP, the Reddit community was on hand to provide her with the reassurance that she needed. Of course she was in the right to be furious and of course ending the relationship was the most logical thing to do. 

One of the most popular comments read: “Throw it in the trash. Keep trusting your gut. You know this isn’t right or how you should be treated. There’s absolutely no good reason why your partner would want to go on a trip without you and just the “friend.”

Other Redditors even questioned why she hadn’t dumped him already. One person asked: “why didn’t you dump him the instant he texted your messages to a stranger and laughed at you? That boy doesn’t love you or respect you. Have enough respect for yourself to demand better and walk away.”

A later update from OP confirmed that she had ended the relationship. 

Has OP been too hasty in ending the relationship or has she called it a day at the right time? What would you have done in her position?

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