10 Phrases Men Are Sick of Women Saying

There are things we hear people say that drive people crazy. What is it that men are tired of hearing us women say? Let’s find out.

I was browsing a popular internet forum when I encountered a fascinating question. What’s a phrase men hate hearing from women? Here are the top-voted responses men gave for their answers.

1. Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want

White Line
White Line

One user confessed, “This phrasing always makes me so anxious. I can’t always do the same thing, and sometimes I was to go out and enjoy my friends by myself.”

2. I’m Fine

I’m Fine is my least favorite English phrase,” confessed one. “Since English is my second language, I expected that when a girl used the word fine, she meant everything was alright. 

3. K “A response like this reads as passive-aggressive. I used to write “K” to reply quickly, but then I had a toxic girlfriend who typed it every time she didn’t get what she wanted,” admitted another.

4. I Guess

“I expect a simple answer when I ask a yes or no question,” one explained. “For example, when I ask my friends where they want to eat, they always answer yes or no to my inquiry.

5. Don’t Worry About It

Someone volunteered, “I always worry when someone says, ‘don’t worry about it.’ I have high anxiety, so whenever someone says this, I am left over-analyzing for days, if not weeks, after the fact.”

6. Are You Even Listening To Me?

“When someone says this to me, every bone in my body tells me to say no, even if I have been fully listening,” admitted one.

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