Chore Wars: He Didn’t do the Dishes, Friend Demand Her To Do It

Chores seem to be the crux of many living situations, whether it’s with a partner or roommate, no one likes doing them, and usually, one person ends up doing more than the other, which can create a lot of resentment in a living space.  

One woman recently let her chore frustrations out on her boyfriend’s friend and now wants to know if she was in the wrong for her response. 

The original poster (OP) started by saying, recently. Her boyfriend had his first day off in a few weeks because he had to get a second job to pay his student loans and isn’t home too often anymore.

Dirty Dishes

She says that because of his two jobs, recently, he has really been slacking on his share of the house chores, and he often leaves a mess without cleaning it for days. She feels that because she does her part and often more that she has been leaving his messes for him to clean up. 

She goes on to say that on his recent day off, he had 3 of his friends come over to hang out.

His Day Off Takes a Turn

She said they normally get together on Sunday to watch football, and since she’s not into sports, she doesn’t hang out with them and occupies herself in another room playing games or watching tv.

When his friends arrived that day, her boyfriend greeted them and then went to shower, and she retreated to another room to play some games. After a few minutes of being in the other room, she heard a knock on the door.

His Friends Show Up

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