Exe’s GF Gave Her “The Talk.” 14 and Unaware of Menstruation

It’s extremely hard to keep kids sheltered from pretty much anything anymore, especially with the access to the technology they and those around them have.  

Children are, unfortunately, learning a lot sooner about things they don’t necessarily need to know about at a young age. 

On the flip side, unfortunately, some children are also being sheltered too much by their parents and are not learning things they need to know about growing up.

Too Sheltered?

One woman was shocked to learn that her boyfriend’s daughter was never taught about an important topic that many young ladies experience at some point. So she felt the need to educate her on the topic, which then created a firestorm of epic proportions with the girl’s mother.

The original poster (OP) said after being in a relationship with her boyfriend for 5 years. They decided to move in together. She said their relationship has been quite slow in progress because both of them have hang-ups from previous relationships, and they didn’t want to rush into anything.

The Relationship

Her boyfriend has a 14-year-old daughter from a previous relationship, and he shares custody with his ex. She went on to say that despite his and his ex having a child when they were too young, he is a good father and tries to be there for his daughter as much as possible. 

Blended Family Dynamic

OP says she’s really fond of his daughter, and over the five years that they’ve been dating, she has grown very close with his daughter.

A Bonded Relationship

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