He Refused to Ask His Future Father-in-Law for Permission to Marry His Daughter

Although traditions are cherished by many, it can be argued that not all traditions hold the same level of significance for everyone. A time-honored tradition involves requesting a father’s permission to marry his daughter.

Recently a Redditor came to the threads to find out if what he did was wrong because he didn’t follow tradition even though his girlfriend wanted him to. Were her requests valid? Were her reasons legitimate? What would you have done?

White Line
White Line

The original poster (OP) says he sees nothing wrong with asking for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage without asking her father first. Typically this is a tradition that is time-honored, but he says he sees nothing wrong with it and feels that he is in the right here.

The Awaited Proposal

Op and his girlfriend have been dating for four years, and things have been great, but he mentions that they don’t see eye to eye politically on many other things with her father. He goes on to say that they still visit her parents fairly often, especially around holidays. Op says her father is friendly and knows not to bring up politics because of their differences.

Op says he has talked to his girlfriend a few times over the last few months about what she wants as far as an engagement, and she mentioned she wanted him to ask her dad for permission.

The Response

Op responded that he wouldn’t be asking another person for permission to marry her, that it’s an extremely outdated tradition, and he’s a 30-year-old person and can do what he wants to do with someone he loves.

After this, OP’s girlfriend got mad and said she just needed him to do it because it’s a small thing to ask for, and she wanted some of her father’s money to have a few more things at their wedding that they won’t be able to afford without it. OP is steadfast in saying that he will not do this.

Redditors gave their opinions on the idea of a dad needing to “give permission” for his daughter to marry and whether the OP should have asked first.

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