Headshakes: Memorable Pickup Lines That Left Women Spellbound Story

In the unpredictable world of dating and romantic pursuits, you would expect a cringe-worthy, eye-rolling pickup line not to produce positive results. However, love has a way of defying expectations. 

Sometimes, against all odds, the worst pick-up lines have managed to work their magic, leaving both the sender and recipient pleasantly surprised.  

One user shared, “My now husband messaged me on a dating app about pizza rolls. I can’t even remember the quote. I just know that it worked, lol.”

Pizza Rolls

Dinner & Dishes

This Redditor said, “While I was in college, I dm’d my crush, “I’ll cook us dinner, and you wash the dishes.” I don’t know how, but it worked.

This user recalled, “I thought he was gay, we went to a party where I found out he wasn’t, and I told him what I had thought, to which he replied: “Let’s go outside so I can show you how not gay I am.”


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