He’s Still Unsure if He Wants to Marry Her. Should She Walk Away?

Many of us long for a long, committed relationship, but at what point do you start to wonder if your wants are the same and if the relationship is meant to move forward toward marriage and kids? How long is too long to wait for a proposal?

The original poster (OP) in this story takes to the internet threads to ask if she should stay with her current boyfriend because, after six years of being together, he is still unsure if he wants to marry her. 

The Situation

The original poster (OP) has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for six years. They work together, run a side business together, and have been through a lot together, as she puts it.

OP went on to say that both recently went to therapy separately to work through some trauma and learn coping skills for dealing with anxiety. OP doesn’t want to push her boyfriend into a decision at this point, especially after recently going to therapy.

Therapy Needed

The Masses Respond

One user offered this piece of advice, “This happens a lot with two people who are comfortable together but not really right for each other. There are no overt dealbreakers, but the sense of “this isn’t how I want to spend the rest of my life” makes making long term plans impossible.”

Another Redditor said, “After nearly 7 years, you two know each other, as well as anyone, can know anyone else. There’s nothing that would give him any more reason to want to be married to you than he’s already been given. And it’s not enough.”

A third Redditor said, “It’s not about love, it’s about compatibility. You can deeply love a person you aren’t wholly compatible with. But in the end, if you aren’t compatible, it’s just not enough.”

a Redditor offered their support, “You deserve someone that will not have you question how they feel about you. I wish you the best OP!” Redditors were quick to give their opinion on this long-term relationship and marriage issue. What is your opinion? Should the OP leave and find someone else? What would you do?

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