Men Reveal What They Consider Instant Dating No-Nos for Women

Are you curious about what men agree to be complete turn-offs about a woman? While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered the question, “Men, what is something women do that is an immediate turn-off?” Here are the top-voted answers.

10. Being Rude or Unkind

“Being rude or unkind,” replied one. “Especially to servers. Or hotel staff. Or taxi drivers. Or anybody who works for the public. Watch how people treat other people. Kindness goes a long way.”

One man stated, “Being an influencer and constantly looking for Instagramable ‘moments’ and photo spots.”

9. Being Instagram Ready and Influencer

8. Being Entitled

One man shared, “Being entitled. Not thanking anyone for anything people do for them because they think they deserve it.”

7. Judging People Based On Zodiac Sign

“Judging people based on their zodiacs,” someone suggested. “I was at a gathering where people talked about their zodiac, and I was asked some questions. I said I had no idea. It isn’t my thing; I don’t get it.”

6. Drawn On Eyebrows and Lip Fillers

One man volunteered, “Have drawn-on eyebrows or those ridiculous lip fillers. The latter makes them look like over-inflated blow-up dolls.”

However, someone shared, “I had a classmate with skinny and fair eyebrows. She draws them on to make them visible. Same for my mom, who’s ginger. They sometimes have no choice.” The OP respected that and clarified, “The ones who shave them and then draw them in.”

One man admitted, “Any woman I see on a dating app that uses the word princess instantly gets a left swipe. Either she has unrealistic expectations of relationships, she’s a Disney fan, or she supports the monarchy. All are no-gos.”

5. Believes They Should Be Treated Like a Prince

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