“My Wife Is Suddenly Out All Night” – Should Alarm Bells Ring?

You naturally understand your partner’s habits and routines when you’ve been with someone for a long time. 

When your significant other starts breaking this routine, it is very noticeable and can cause you to start panicking about worst-case scenarios.  

Why are they going out of their way to do something they’ve never done before? Are they cheating on me?

Why The Sudden Change?

This Reddit user (24M) has started to notice a worrying pattern in his wife’s (23F) late-night behavior. Let’s find out why he’s beginning to panic…

The original poster (OP) explains that he married his wife when he was only 20, and the pair are high school sweethearts. The relationship has always been plain sailing, and they usually smooth things out quickly whenever they have disagreements. 

High School Sweethearts

Neither of them are massively sociable, and they typically prefer to spend their spare time with each other at home rather than out with friends.

However, OP’s wife has recently broken this habit and has started going out more frequently with her friends.

Routine Broke

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