Relationship Lessons: Mistakes to Avoid

Relationships can be a beautiful thing, but they require effort, patience, and understanding. While every relationship is unique, there are common mistakes that can make or break it.  

Whether you’re in a new relationship or reflecting on past ones, these valuable lessons can help you avoid making the same mistakes and build a stronger, healthier relationship. 

To start, a Redditor said, “For me, I think I was bad at communication. I just could not express love, and even if I did, it seemed forced. Eventually figured out I don’t even have feelings, and I left, so that was bad.”


A popular comment was, “Trying to control everything. Trying to manipulate my partner into doing what I wanted, whatever the cost (upsetting them, making them feel like crap, etc).”


A user commented, “ I didn’t set boundaries at the beginning, let them get away with too much, and then began to resent them. Hard to ever get over resentment once it sets in!”


A Redditor replied, “In past relationships, I have been the possessive, jealous one. My mom taught me that. I quickly unlearned that after several nasty breakups.”


A simple comment was, “Being more in love with him than he was with me.”


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