What's Too Much or Too Little Online Dating Etiquette?

Online dating apps have been all the rage for the past decade, but have we adapted to the dos and donts of dating online? Does the lack of texts make you worry? Do too many texts freak you out?

This story involves a guy (29M) who had organized a date with a woman (29F) he had met on Hinge. At the last minute, his date was canceled, but now she wants to reschedule. So, why the change of heart, and how does he feel about it? Let’s find out.

Does Everybody Deserve a Second Chance?

White Line
White Line

The original poster (OP) explains that preparations for the first date had been far from ideal. She initially postponed the date by two hours at the last minute before altogether canceling.

OP believes she would have completely ghosted and not even told him had he not sent her two confirmation texts the hour before the newly-arranged time. Ultimately, she messaged saying that she had to cancel but wanted to plan something else. 

OP had wasted a lot of time and was annoyed that she canceled at the last minute. After weighing everything up he responded to her text saying that he didn’t want to reschedule because he thought her actions had been inconsiderate.

The date has been fully apologetic and blames the cancelation on her overthinking the whole situation. She says that she freaked out because she didn’t hear from it at all the day prior to the date, although OP says that it was her turn to text him based on the messages they had been exchanging.

If anything, though, this explanation has raised a few alarm bells with OP. He feels intimidated that she read so much into a lack of text messages, and he is unsure if she is going to be the girl for him. Although, on the flip side, there must have been a reason why he was so up for the first day initially.

The Community Responds

The Reddit community wasted no time in sticking the knife into OP’s date and almost unanimously told OP to not waste any more energy on her. One person said that it was “way too much stress for a coffee date” and recommended that he “cut his losses and move on,” while another called her “flakey and wishy-washy.”

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