Should Family Inheritance Cause This Many Issues in a Relationship?

Would knowing that your fiance is going to inherit over a million dollars leave you feeling uneasy? The issue of family inheritance has been an awkward topic in relationships for a long time.

Often, people find themselves in serious relationships with others who are either due to inherit significantly more or less than them. While for many couples, this is fine, for others, it can raise some awkward questions.

This particular Reddit user (34F) is currently going through issues of her own with her fiance as she is due to receive over a million dollars, but he feels uneasy about it. Let’s find out more about his predicament.

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The Money Situation:

The original poster (OP) explains that she is about to receive $1.5 million in inheritance. While most partners would probably be excited about this, OP’s partner is upset about it as he thinks it will change their relationship. 

OP says that her fiance’s outlook on money is relatively negative due to the fact that he grew up in extreme poverty. He would only ever eat at school as a child and would often go to bed hungry. His dad was in jail, and his mom went off the rails.

He was so annoyed by her doing this that he started whispering into her ear that he was doubting the relationship because of it. He told her that he wasn’t comfortable at the party because it was a new setting for him which confused her because he knew quite a lot of the people there.

A Helping Hand from Reddit

The Reddit community was surprisingly sensitive to OP’s situation and offered her some sound advice. One of the top commenters suggested that OP needed to re-evaluate how she views one million dollars as it is completely different from how her fiance views it.  They said:

“You’re treating the money like it’s not a factor. He sees $1.5M as an eye-popping sum. Every time you say a million dollars is no big deal, you widen the gulf rather than reassure. Stop saying ‘it won’t change anything’ and start planning how this money can improve your lives together.”

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