The Frustrating Part of Living With Your Significant Other

Living with someone can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience, especially when the person is your significant other! That said, it can also have its fair share of frustrating moments. 

Sharing a living space means sharing living areas, household chores, and working around personal preferences, which can sometimes lead to conflicts and disagreements. From differences in cleaning standards to conflicting schedules, living with someone can be challenging! 

One Redditor shared, “In my case, my boyfriend drips water on the floor when he washes his hands and reaches for a towel and gets my socks wet.”

Wet Socks

This Redditor said, “Not only does he not do his dishes, but he also hits me with the “don’t worry about them, I’ll do them later.” Three days later, they’re still there taunting me!”

The Dishes

A user shared, “He falls asleep watching TV at night but never turns the TV off. Every night after midnight, I have to go downstairs and turn everything off so we don’t just leave the TV and lights on the entire night!”

Leaves The TV On

A Redditor said, “He asks me where things are before he even attempts to look for them. “Where are my keys?” In the bowl, where they always are.

Absent Minded

This user said, “He’s much neater and cleaner than I am. I have to step up my game to make sure I don’t drive him crazy with my mess.”

Too Neat

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