They Sent Out Income-Driven Invitations To Who Could Afford

Destination weddings are becoming a popular way to get married, and why not?! You get to travel to a new, possibly tropical place with everyone you care about, and then you marry the love of your life! 

This is a brilliant idea until you realize that not everyone can afford to go on a destination wedding vacation. One Redditor has much to learn regarding a guest list and a destination wedding because she’s quickly become the enemy.  

The original poster (OP) is getting married in June. She and her fiancé decided to have a destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Plans

OP and her fiancé picked out what she describes as the perfect venue in the Dominican Republic and are very happy with where they will be when it comes time to say their nuptials!

This past January, OP sent out her invitations which she figured was enough time for everyone they invited to send in their R.S.V.P. and plan their trip. 

OP goes on to say that the invitations they chose to send came at a premium price and were very expensive.

Income-Driven Invitation

As the bride and groom-to-be went through their guest lists, they decided they would only send invites to family members from both sides that they felt could afford to go on the trip.  

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