Top 5 Reasons Why Marriages Don’t Last Today

The numbers don’t lie; divorce is on the rise. However, not as quickly as you might think. We all probably know a couple that has gotten divorced at this point in our life but think about how many couples you know that are not divorced, and yes, the pandemic did a number on marriages.

Still, there was also a boom in weddings post-2020, so more recent numbers are a bit skewed. The question at hand, however, is why don’t they last as long as they used to?

Recently on the Reddit thread, a user posted the question; What’s your opinion as to why marriages don’t last as long as they used to? Here are some of the top 5 reasons marriages no longer last. 

Ease of Divorce

One user simply said, “Freedom to divorce.” Another Redditor replied, “Divorce is easier. Women can have bank accounts and get loans, etc. Basically, research the development of women’s rights and the right to divorce. The answer will become apparent.” 

No Stigma 

A Redditor commented, “Divorce is less stigmatized, and women can be employed and be self sufficient more easily.”

Unrealistic Expectation

One user said, “It’s mainly this, but also a few other things that I attribute it to. TV and movies give people unrealistic expectations of what a marriage/relationship should be. 

Married For The Wrong Reasons 

A user added this piece of advice, “I’ll add people get married for the wrong reasons like the perception of happiness. They think it will make them happy.

Other Options Out There

A user said, “People today are more committed to other lifelong goals and self-fulfillment rather than the more traditional lifestyle that involves being with someone else for the rest of their life.”

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