When Your Partner No Longer Cares For You

Realizing your partner no longer cares about you or the relationship is a difficult reality to grapple with. Coming to grips that a partner doesn’t care about you can be a heartbreaking experience that can leave you feeling betrayed and alone.  

There may be many different signs that lead someone to this realization, such as lack of emotional support, neglect, or disrespect. 

One Redditor said, “When the “your match is about to expire” notification from a dating app popped up while he was showing me Tik-Toks.”

Use Of Dating Apps

This user shared, “I was physically assaulted at work. When I told him about it I expected him to be horrified, protective, or at least not happy about it. Instead, he looked bored. He implied that I get a bit mouthy so maybe I pissed off the wrong guy.”

Lack Of Empathy

This Redditor shared, “I had to drive a couple of hours to say goodbye to my dying grandpa in the hospital. On my way back home, I stopped for dinner..."

Inability To Comfort

"...My then-boyfriend’s first reaction when he saw me—rather than comforting me because I’d just visited my grandpa for the last time—was to get angry that I didn’t get him food.”

A user said, “When I explained that I’d been feeling depressed because playing music is my outlet and I’d been really missing it. I bought a keyboard for the extra bedroom which he didn’t notice for 2+ months..."

Dismissing Their Outlets

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