Why She Refuses to Make his Sandwich

The roles between men and women have drastically changed over the years, but it seems as if there is still an unbalanced expectation that women should be doing the household chores, cooking, and cleaning.

What do you think? Here’s a story we found that dives into the topic of expectations between men and women.

Busy Day

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The original poster (OP) in this thread started off by saying her husband has a daughter that he sees on weekends from a previous relationship and that both she (OP) and her husband make good money but work a lot. She also said she does most of the housework, cooking, and cleaning while her husband sits around and plays video games.

OP said that growing up, her mother and her father had a similar dynamic; both made good money, her mother did most of the housework, and her father sat around and played video games.

She said she hated the dynamic between her mother and father and brought it up with her mother often, but her mother always defended her father by saying that he did a lot of work. OP promised herself that she would never grow up and marry someone like her father.

The Blow Up

Recently over the weekend, her husband’s daughter was over, and OP had a large project she was working on, on her laptop. Her husband went out with his daughter for breakfast and returned home around noon, asking OP what was for lunch. OP told him she would make sandwiches later because she was busy.

A bit later, he puts his controller down and asks OP why the sandwiches aren’t ready yet. She said he knew she had a big project she’s been working on and would do it later. Upon hearing this, he tried to take her computer away from her and said that his daughter would be hungry and that the project could wait.

Reddit Weighs In

The masses knew exactly what advice to give to the OP and how to deal with the situation. One Redditor responded, “Your husband has conditioned you into doing all the work around the house, and you’ve let it slide. You even admitted you stopped asking because it never got anywhere.”

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