Will Men Ever Stop Doing These Terribly Irritating Things?!

Can you think of things men do that you wish they’d just stop? A few things come to mind, and I think, “They’ll never get it.”

Here are some top-rated responses. 

One woman expressed, “If we’re not all smiles thinking it’s because of a period.”

Blaming Everything on Our Periods

“Pretending to be incapable of learning how to do simple household tasks might win some of the battles around chores when your frustrated partner takes over all of it,” shared one.

Weaponized Incompetence

Many women agreed that unsolicited pics are inappropriate and disgusting, leaving them feeling uneasy without soliciting consent. One asked, “I wonder if that’s worked for any man?”

Sending Unsolicited Pics

“Treating women like a different species from yours,” replied one. “

Treating Women Like an Entirely Different Species

Someone answered, “Expecting women to take on the subservient housewife role then turn around and demand 50/50. If you have a traditionalist mindset, then be that and provide, but you can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

Expecting a Subservient Housewife Who Also Splits 50/50

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