Yuck! Women's Top 3 Turnoffs

Has a man ever done anything that instantly turned you off? What things make a man insanely unattractive, but they don’t realize they do them? 

Recently someone polled the internet, and these were the top-voted answers to that question.

“This is a little more specific,” shared one. “But anytime I find out that a single man is an inadequate or absent father, it immediately turns me off.”

If They are Bad or Absent, Fathers

“In my younger years, I was too naive and got into an abusive relationship where his exes were all supposedly crazy and took advantage of him. It turns out he had the qualities he accused them of,” shared one.

If All Their Exes Are “Crazy.”

“Especially during serious conversations where cracking jokes would be highly tone-deaf,” assured one.

If They Tell Dirty Jokes When You’re Not That Close

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