Wedding Date Numerology: Picking The Perfect Marriage Date

Are you planning to hold your wedding, and are you having challenges getting the right date? If yes, then today, you are in the right place. As they say, you only get married once. A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. That is why every couple always strives to make that day unique and memorable.

The day you hold your wedding matters a lot. Numerologists believe that the day you have your wedding will determine whether you will live happily ever after. So, when selecting your wedding date, it is essential to take into consideration wedding date numerology. So, what is wedding date numerology, and why does it matter? Continue reading to find out more.

What is wedding date numerology, and why does it matter?

Wedding date numerology means using numerology to determine the ideal date for your wedding. If you are familiar with numerology, most predictions are accurate. So, if you believe in numerology, the last thing to do is to ignore it when determining your marriage dates.

The number of people filing for divorce today has nearly doubled over the last decade. So, why are some marriages failing while others are thriving? The answer is simple; those that are thriving considered the numerology of their wedding date a significant thing: their wedding date numerology. They ensured they chose the best wedding dates in numerology. Those who failed probably ignored this vital element and ended up with the wrong dates.

Choosing the correct wedding date is crucial if you want to live happily ever after with your partner. Numerology numbers matter when deciding when to get married because they help determine the success of your marriage. Some of the benefits of choosing the best wedding dates based on numerology include the following:  

  • Peace and love in married life
  • Larger family
  • Financial stability built on solid foundations
  • Mutual compatibility due to finding the right partner
  • Blessing of beautiful and healthy children
  • Excitement and laughter
  • And much more.

How to calculate your wedding dates number

Calculating your wedding date’s number is simple. You only need to add the sum of the day’s numbers. For example, if you are planning on getting married on August 9, 2021, then your wedding date’s number is obtained by adding up 8+9+2+0+2+1=22. Then take the two digits and add them together to get a single digit: 2+2=4. Therefore, if you plan to get married on August 9, 2021, your wedding date will use the power of the number 4.

Below is a breakdown of what each number means:

  • 1 – Coming together, rebirth, or freedom
  • 2 – Romance and love
  • 3 – Excitement and laughter
  • 4 – Stability
  • 5 – Festive events
  • 6 – Position for children in your life
  • 7 – Spiritualty
  • 8 – Financial achievement
  • 9 – family

Important factors to consider when calculating your wedding dates numerology

Consider your personality

When calculating your wedding date numerology, one crucial factor to consider is your personality. Choosing a date that has a numerology number that matches your personality will play a significant role in ensuring that you have a happy and successful marriage. If you and your partner know your personality numbers and understand how numerology works, you should set your wedding date based on them.

Finding the perfect wedding date that suits your personality is quite simple. You first need to think of words that define the personality of your relationship. Once you have identified those words, the next process is determining the wedding type you want. For instance, do you want your wedding to be big or small? Or do you want a classic wedding or one that has some modern touch?

Asking yourself these questions will help you determine the perfect date to choose for your wedding. For instance, if you plan a small wedding with just a few family and friends, the ideal wedding date number should be 5 or 3. These two numbers are ideal because 3 symbolizes excitement and laughter while 5 represents a celebration of travel.

If you and your partner had children from previous relationships, you should choose a date for your big day that adds up to 6 or 9 to get the best outcome.

Consider your life path number

Another crucial thing to consider when determining your wedding date is your life path number. The life path number is calculated by adding your birthday number. For instance, if you were born on March 5, 1992, your path number is calculated as follows 3+1+9+9+2= 24, 2+4=6. In this case, your path number is 6 if you were both on that day.

Some path numbers are perfect matches, while others are toxic. For instance, if your path number is 6 and your partner’s path number is 3, choosing a 9 wedding date will be perfect because both 3 and 6 are natural matches to the number 9.

On the other hand, if the sum of you and your partner’s life path is 7, you should not hold your wedding on 6 because the number is toxic and can bring bad luck. The last thing you want is to risk your future marriage by having your wedding day on a toxic number.

If you realize that your path numbers are toxic, find another number that will not be toxic. For your marriage number, if your path number is 3 while your partner’s path number is 8, get married on a date that adds up to 2 because 2 is a natural match to 8, and it is also compatible with 3.

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