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What Are A Man’s Top Priorities In Life?

The top priorities in a man’s life can vary significantly from one man to another, as personal values, aspirations, and circumstances play a pivotal role in shaping their focus. However, certain aspects tend to remain prevalent for many men. Family often stands as a fundamental priority. Career and professional growth also hold considerable importance as men strive for success, financial stability, and a sense of accomplishment in their chosen fields. Another top priority for a man is health and self-care, with many men actively pursuing physical and mental well-being. Finally, personal development, including hobbies, interests, and education, contributes to fulfillment and growth. That said, a man’s top priorities tend to be a balance between personal fulfillment, meaningful connections, and contributing positively to society.

Enjoying Life

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One user shared, “Wife and Kids. Enjoying Life. Working as least as possible to make the top two even better!”

Health & Fitness

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A second user said, “Health & Fitness. Money. Lastly, getting out of the Middle East is definitely high on my priority list. Just not so simple as I have to go through a migration process that is anything but smooth.”

Moving To A Safer Area

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A third user added, “As a male between 30-34, my priorities are almost the same with a small change to the third. Health and Fitness – Stay in shape, continue leaning out, keep blood pressure in check, and avoid diabetes. Income replacement – My goal is to replace my earned income with investment income before 50 and retire. In addition, I am aggressively building up my more basic retirement accounts (401k, Roth) as a failsafe. Finally, move somewhere much safer, with more land and a different local culture within the US.”

Never Work Again

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A poster commented, “Stop working. Get enough money to stop working. Never start working after that.”

Mental Health

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This user said, “Mental health- I have been dealing with negative thoughts for most of my life. Money – I should have used money/ career. My financial well-being has always been a goal of mine. So it’s always on my mind. Relationship- I have never had a long-term thing. I’m in therapy, trying to figure out why. It gets kind of lonely.”

Health IS Wealth

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Someone shared, “My health comes first. Without my health, the rest crumbles. A close second, if not usually 1B, is my family, which includes my wife, son, and animals. Then my work, I take pride in my work. If something has my name on it, I take it as an idea of the quality that I at least reviewed something to the best of my ability.”


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A person added, “46 yo. No kids/never married. Spent most of my life prioritizing things I felt would attract women. Then I decided to prioritize my career, thinking women like men with goals. But it was more of a dream job situation, and I’m over 40 now, so it hasn’t led to success with a woman. Now I just worry about myself. I still want that woman and a fulfilling career, but I must make myself happy first.”

Financial Stability

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This commenter stated, “Getting healthier. Financial stability and (hopefully) financial freedom. Then trying to understand more of the world and the people who inhabit our Earth.”

Increasing Longevity

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One user mentioned, “Keeping fit to increase my physical longevity and control my mental health, which is usually fine anyway. I play a lot of sports, and I want to do so for as long as possible. Next is keeping in contact with my family, always making time for them, and helping them when possible. Finally, as an introvert, I need time to myself almost daily to help my brain relax and recoup. My partner and I live very busy lives, so I plan days off to do nothing. It really helps me.”

Making Sure Kids Have It Better

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A top-liked comment said, “Make sure my kid has it better than I did. Make sure when I die, my wife and son aren’t left holding any bags; I don’t want to leave them in debt for anything or not know where the Christmas decorations are stored, and enjoy the time I have left as much as possible.”

Purchasing A House

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Someone added, “A top priority right now is being able to afford a house close to where I work. So I’m saving for that. Also, I’d like to stop messing around and find a wife, so I’m pursuing that. I’m trying hard to expand my friendship groups to include more sober people.”

Being Content

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This poster commented, “Mine are contentment; living within your means. Health, fitness, and eating well. And lastly, happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of life. Not in any particular order.”


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This user shared, “My physical and mental health. My relationship with my children. My relationship with friends/significant other.”

To Provide

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One person stated, “Strengthen my Marriage. Finish my Ph.D. Make more money. I have to work, so I might as well maximize my compensation and let my wife become a stay-at-home mom like she wants.”

Enjoy Life

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Finally, someone said, “Enjoying life with my wife, working on my physical fitness, and challenging myself to learn new things.

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