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What Do You Consider Cheating?: Men & Women Discuss Their View Of What Cheating Is

Cheating is widely regarded as dishonest and unfair in various aspects of life. When it comes to romantic relationships, it typically refers to engaging in intimate or sexual activities with someone other than one’s partner, betraying trust, and violating the agreed-upon boundaries of exclusivity. That said, cheating is not just exclusive to the physical act of sex or other forms of physical intimacy that many people would classify as cheating. 

Do As I Say

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One poster shared, “My ex felt that me having a conversation about anything at all with anyone else was cheating, but her cheating with other men was OK.”

Moving On

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A second poster said, “Watching an episode alone of a show we started together. If we start it together, we finish it together.”

Another Person

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A third poster commented, “Being sentimentally or physically involved with someone else that isn’t your partner.”

Entertaining Others

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One user added, “If my partner knows someone else has feelings for her and doesn’t shut them down or keeps entertaining and giving attention to that person, I would classify it as cheating.”

Feelings For Others

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A top-liked comment said, “If you have feelings toward someone else and you’re entertaining those feelings in any way, shape, or form, I would consider cheating. If you desire to act on those feelings, you should have an honest, healthy conversation with your significant other. There is a reason you’re not fulfilled, but it’s not fair to drag your significant other along for that.”

Draw The Line

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A user shared, “My rule of thumb is if I wouldn’t like it done to me, I shouldn’t be doing it myself. I know that’s vague. But leaves you to draw the line where you want.”

Keeping Secrets

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One poster commented, “Beyond the obvious (s****x/kissing with another person), it can also be based on intent. For instance, dinner could be cheating if it was kept hidden or with an ex, etc. Depends a lot on the context.”

Won’t Do In Front Of Partner

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One user said, “My definition of cheating has always been this: If you’re doing/saying something to/with a person of your preferred gender that you would not do/say in front of your partner, that’s cheating.”

Physical Intimacy

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Someone added, “Doing anything se****ual or romantic with someone else. Anything physical more than a hug is cheating, end of the story.”

Breaking Rules

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This person said, “Pretty much breaking any agreed upon “rules” in your relationship. And, yes, you should have a set of rules or boundaries in a relationship that should be communicated.”

Betrayal Of Trust

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A commenter stated, “Cheating isn’t just about a physical, se****ual act. You can cheat on someone without having s****x with someone else. It’s about a betrayal of trust. And to go a step further, it’s your responsibility in a relationship to foster that trust by intentionally avoiding situations that could bring temptation or otherwise sketch out your partner.”

Kept Hidden

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A top-liked comment said, “Anything you do with another person you feel you must hide from me, I consider cheating.”

Small Crushes

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This person commented, “I used to think it was only physical stuff, but seeing your partner drift away from you into the arms of someone else really stings. So, basically, entertaining the idea and keeping in contact with someone they might have a small/temporary crush on is a dealbreaker for me nowadays.”

Monogamy Rules

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One user added, “Breaking the rules of loyalty, trust, and honesty in your relationship. If you’re monogamous, that means engaging in se****ual and/or romantic activity with anyone other than your partner. Basically, if you’re sneaking around and lying to people just to get extra attention outside of your relationships, you’re 99% likely to be cheating.”

Emotional Cheating

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Finally, a user shared, “Extending one’s self emotionally to someone else and confiding in them vs. me on a regular basis. That’s often what starts before it becomes physical. I’m not referring to an established friend, who we sometimes talk about certain things for advice or subjects the partner just isn’t interested in. Meeting someone new and developing this attachment is what’s concerning. And that’s harder to forgive than a random hook-up if it becomes a full-on affair.”

Source: Reddit

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