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Cute and Loveable Things Guys Think About When They Cuddle

Do you love cuddling? Have you ever cuddled with a guy and wondered what he was thinking about?

On one of the funnier threads of Reddit, someone asked the men, “What do guys actually think about while they are cuddling a girl?”

And these are the top-voted responses. First and foremost, guys think, “Was that an intentional wiggle or just getting comfy.” Let’s see what else is going on in their heads.

Does She Breathe Like That

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One man confessed, “Does she really breathe like that normally? I’ve never noticed. Tries to match breathing for a sustained time. (Gasps for air) Holy cow! How does she live like that?”

My Shoulder Is Starting To Hurt

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“My shoulder is starting to hurt,” is the second-highest-voted response. One man added, “My arm is asleep,” before a third replied, “Her hair’s in my mouth.”


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One man admitted, “It depends on the moment and said girl, but 50% of the time, I just shut down my brain and think about nothing to enjoy the feeling more.”

Loving Thoughts

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One man confessed that he thinks these thoughts: “So soft. She has such a nice body. She should not be insecure about her belly. Her hair smells so nice. I love this woman so much.”

Secondary Thoughts

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“I feel needed and wanted,” answered another. “I can pay our bills, fix our cars, reach things on high shelves, parent the kids, make something in our shop, etc., but it all becomes secondary to her wanting to jump into bed and spoon with me to get warm and fall asleep.”

Butterball Turkey

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One man volunteered, “It’s like snuggling with a Butterball turkey. How can someone with so many layers be so cold?”

I’m the Happiest Person Alive Right Now

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“I have a sweet memory of falling asleep cuddling her one of the first times we slept together,” another explained. “I woke up and saw her sleeping in my arms, and what went through my head was, “I can’t believe this is happening. I’m the happiest person alive right now.”

Tears of Joy

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“One time I cried tears of joy because I loved that girl so much, and it was a perfect moment, thinking I wish this moment never ends,” confessed one. Another admitted, “Yeah, I’ve been close to tears once or twice. It’s just so nice.”

All of the Reasons I Like This Girl

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Someone shared, “How comfortable I am. How content I feel. All of the reasons I like this girl. The places I want to take her, the things I want to do with her. How badly I hope the relationship lasts.”

A Sense of Calmness or Comfort

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Finally, one man stated, “Hmm, a sense of calmness or comfort, but in certain positions, I don’t want to speak for all men, if we feel the heat in our area, we have this rush to initiate things even further.

Source: Reddit

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