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Beauty In The Flaws: Men Share What They Think Women Are Insecure About

The insecurities women experience often go unnoticed by men. Men tend to be intimidated by a woman they find attractive and are often not looking at things like ears, stomach, or other self-described bodily flaws a woman may feel she has. When a man finds a woman attractive, there aren’t too many things physically that will be a turn-off to him, and he may often find these so-called “flaws” endearing. It’s part of the whole package that he finds mentally, emotionally, and physically attractive.


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One poster shared, “I knew a woman with a beautiful facial bone structure. Beautiful eyes. Beautiful curves and flawless skin. She was insecure because her ears stuck out. I was like, ” You have ears?”

Meal Time

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A second poster recalled, “What you eat on the first date. I’ve heard from several girls that they’ll purposely choose a lighter meal when on a first date/early in the dating phase so as not to put their date off.”

Clothing Styles

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A third poster offered, “Wearing the same clothing ” I can’t wear what I wore there last time!’ I wear nearly the same thing every day. I can’t see how it’s an issue.”

Post-Partum Issues

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A Redditor said, “I dated a woman who had two kids for a little while. She was very attractive and took good care of herself. Her insecurity was her stomach. She was not fat but just a little bit of loose skin and stretch marks on her lower stomach from her pregnancies, and she’d always cover it up. Even during s****x, she hardly ever wanted to take her shirt off. It made me sad that she felt that uncomfortable about that part of her body because, to me, she was incredibly attractive regardless of that minor “flaw.”


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A top-liked comment said, “When women obsess over their foreheads, how big, how small. Trust me. Your forehead doesn’t factor into how hot we think you are! So relax, Mrs. Potato Head, it ain’t that big of a deal.”

Bodily Functions

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This poster shared, “In my experience, it’s things like… bodily functions. Farting, pooping, periods, eating, body odor, body hair, or any other number of things that mark us as being human. Men often feel comfortable with such things themselves, but women get “bullied” into needing to feel pretty at all times, which creates these unreal expectations.”

Unique Beauty

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One commenter added, “My wife looks like Nicole Kidman. However, she is so insecure about her alabaster skin and freckles! She’s insecure about the features that make her beautiful and unique.”

Happy With Both

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A user commented, “Boobs. They think we care if they are big or small, but most of us appreciate them no matter what. Some guys prefer big boobs. Girls with them will have no problem finding those guys, and the same with small boobs. Many guys either prefer them or are just as happy either way.”


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This user posted, “Just because a guy doesn’t text back immediately doesn’t mean he’s cheating. Sometimes we’re just trying to beat our high score on Candy Crush.”

Lip Size

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One Redditor stated, “Lips. Never once have I said, “She would be so hot, but her lips are too small” I dunno who started the whole puckered duck face bloated like stung by bees lips thing, but they suck.”

Stomach Size

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A user said, “Not having a flat stomach. Fellas and ladies. Real men don’t care if your stomach is flat or not. I personally like curvy women and that little pooch you get when you’re wearing a dress or skirt. That is sexy as hell.”


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This user recalled, “Eyebrows. My spouse didn’t start the day unless their eyebrows were done. Everything else mattered little, but eyebrows were a must every morning.”


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A poster commented, “Their age. I’ll tell you this, as long as you’re a legal, mature adult, most guys don’t care how old you are. All this “omg no, I’m too old for you” doesn’t phase us. If we’re into you, we’re into you. Doesn’t matter in one ear and out the other.


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This user posted, “Freckles. I love freckles. So many men think freckles are the bomb, but many women try to cover them up or hate them. I don’t get it.”

Hip Dips

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Finally, a Redditor said, “Hip dips. I had no idea what they were until recently. It’s insane that such a tiny, almost non-visible body feature is a source of anxiety for so many women.”

Source: Reddit

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