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Breaking Bonds? Most Common 5 Reasons Why Marriages Break Up More Than They Have In The Past

Divorce rates are going up, according to statistics, but not as quickly as you think. We all may know couples that have gotten divorced, and it’s difficult to comprehend later in life, but at this point, think about how many couples you know that are not divorced. Is it as high as the people you know who are divorced?

Still, there was also a boom in weddings post-2020, so more recent numbers are a bit skewed.

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The question at hand, however, is why don’t they last as long as they used to?

Recently on the online thread, a user posted the question; What’s your opinion as to why marriages don’t last as long as they used to?

Here are some of the top 5 reasons marriages no longer last. 

Ease of Divorce

One user simply said, “Freedom to divorce.”

Another Redditor replied, “Divorce is easier. Women can have bank accounts and get loans, etc. Basically, research the development of women’s rights and the right to divorce. The answer will become apparent.” 

No Stigma 

A Redditor commented, “Divorce is less stigmatized, and women can be employed and be self sufficient more easily.”

Also, someone stated, “When I was young, there was a stigma attached to divorce. It was somewhat scandalous. Now that it’s more normalized, people don’t feel the societal pressure to remain married.”

Unrealistic Expectations

One user said, “It’s mainly this, but also a few other things that I attribute it to. TV and movies give people unrealistic expectations of what a marriage/relationship should be. I firmly believe everyone should take a free course on marriage and relationships. 

A second Redditor said, “More stress, less family support, everyone’s all over the place, used to be you had family living nearby, but not so anymore, also everyone is busier, the actual marriage has become a freak show, people spending ridiculous amounts of cash on one day, forgetting why they are actually getting married in the first place. Things were simpler before. Family values have gone out the window, and now we have internet access, easier to meet people, and we end up cheating, etc. Marriage doesn’t have the same meaning anymore, hence why so many people just live together.”

Finally, someone added, “the sheer number of beautiful people we see online gives us a false notion that we want/can do better than our current spouse. The reality is that the beautiful people we see online are in the top 1% of attractiveness, which is why they get so much attention online.”

Married For The Wrong Reasons 

A user added this piece of advice, “I’ll add people get married for the wrong reasons like the perception of happiness. They think it will make them happy. If there is one thing I could tell non married people, be picky with your spouse. It can make or break large portions of your life. I’ve been with my wife for about ten years. Never been a difficult relationship; honestly a pretty easy marriage. She’s my favorite person. Be picky; your spouse should make you better. If they don’t, you’re not doing it right.”

Other Options Out There

A user said, “People today are more committed to other lifelong goals and self-fulfillment rather than the more traditional lifestyle that involves being with someone else for the rest of their life.”

One Redditor put stated, “Technology and social media.”

Another user suggested, “The ease with which people can seek a replacement. You can look at thousands of people on any given app within a short period of time.”

To finish the thread, one Redditor added, “Because of all the hot singles in your area wanting to meet you!”

There are many reasons marriage ends in divorce.

Source: Reddit

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