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Why You Should Date Older Women In 15 Simple Suggestions

Dating older women can be a rewarding and enriching experience for numerous reasons. First and foremost, older women often possess a level of maturity and self-assuredness that younger women don’t. Older women have a deeper understanding of themselves and what they want from life and relationships, making communication and emotional connection easier and more fulfilling. An older woman’s life experiences can also bring wisdom and perspective, offering valuable insights and advice that a younger woman cannot. The fact is that older women are typically more established in their careers and lives, which can create a stable and supportive environment. Finally, an older woman will prioritize meaningful connections and genuine companionship, fostering a deeper and more meaningful bond.

Learned From Their Mistakes

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One poster shared, “They’ve made mistakes and learned from them. They are mature and know what they want. They understand that Prince Charming is not coming to whisk them into some future fantasy land, and they know their expectations.”

The Right Direction

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A second poster said, “As a younger man, I can say with certainty that based on their experience, they can push us in the right direction, and they’re more loveable.”

Knows What She Wants

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A third poster added, “I love older women. They’re just more attractive in every way. Emotionally they’re more stable and confident, and mentally, they know what they want.” 


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A user posted, “She has experience and will show you how to do things the right way! These younger girls are always screwing things up and creating drama.” 

Solid In Their Decisions

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Someone said, “They are more comfortable with their decisions …. And I love that. 

They’re More Intelligent 

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This person mentioned, “Because an older woman is more intelligent, knows what she needs to know, and there is a lot of love in her.”

They Don’t Need You

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A commenter posted, “It goes without saying, they’re mature in a way that a younger woman just can’t be. Their finances are in order, and they’re not putting themselves into debt. They’re independent. They don’t need you, which makes for a more honest relationship. Lastly, their life experience is invaluable.”

Been There, Done That

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A top-liked comment said, “I will guide you towards what makes sense in your life, and I will teach you to be responsible with everything. As the saying goes, “been there, done that.”

No Drama

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A user added, “There’s no drama whatsoever. The only thing they want to offer is love and care and for it to be reciprocated.”


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A poster commented, “I prefer older women. They are wiser, more experienced, and more interesting. They have stories to tell and oftentimes lessons they’ve learned.”

True Love

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This person shared, “Older women have an attitude you will not forget. They are caring like your mother, they love you like your sister, and will protect you like your grandmother.“

More Attractive

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One poster said, “They are more attractive, have patience, have a very good understanding of the world around them, and won’t make you want to jump in front of a bus daily.”

She Is Rational

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This user commented, “Her love is wispy and soft. She is a rational woman, and she knows how to deal with a relationship. She is not a girl starting with zero and working her way up. She is there and established.”


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Someone shared, “The communication. An older woman that can communicate well will cut through the bulls****t and get straight to what she wants and expects. It’s refreshing as heck.”

She’ll Pay For Dinner

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Finally, someone said, “We’re not annoying, and we’re independent. If you continually screw up in the relationship, we’re not afraid to walk away and never look back. We know what we want and won’t waste time trying to get it. Also, we’ll pay for your dinner. Do you really need any more reasons?”

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