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Sister Mom’s: Woman Has To Decide What To Do Because Her Husband Cheated With Her Sister and They Are Now Both Expecting!

Finding out your partner is having an affair can be a devastating experience. However, finding out that your partner is having an affair with a family member can tear the relationship and the family apart.

A woman recently found out that her husband has been having an affair with her sister, and he confessed his infidelity, but there’s an even bigger piece to this story as they are now both pregnant by him. She’s unsure how to handle the situation, and because of their history, she is unsure if she can even leave him.

Baby Daddy Drama

The original poster (OP) found out recently that her husband has been cheating on her with her sister. After she found out about their affair and confronted him, he confessed to his infidelities and also told her that he and her sister were pregnant with twins, then proceeded to beg for forgiveness.

He said if her sister goes through with the pregnancy, he will have no part in it, that he would only be a father to a child she is the mother of. She goes on to say that up until the previous month, she was ready to divorce him and start a new life without him and her sister in it.

However, she recently had a missed period but chalked it up to the stress of her husband’s affair. Then she began feeling period symptoms without any period in sight, so she took a pregnancy test.

It turns out she was also pregnant with his child, and when she told him, he was ecstatic. He said it was a fresh start for the two of them and that they could now move on from his affair and focus on their child.

He immediately went out and purchased most of the baby stuff they will need for the nursery, and he’s been looking into doulas and midwives in case she would prefer a natural home birth. He also began looking at different hospitals in the area and out of state to see which would be best for her if she decided against home birth.

Unsure Of Direction

She says that she cannot afford to raise a child on her own and that he’s been there for her financially since she was 20, saying that she’s never had to struggle alone. She never went to college because he was already working and making enough money to support them, and she would never need to work with him.

She says she never even considered the possibility of him not being in her life because of, in her words, how stupidly in love she was with him. She said from the moment they got together, she got everything she wanted and had a perfect life with her husband, eventually leading to the perfect family.

She said they had previously tried to get pregnant but had fertility issues, and trying to conceive was a struggle. She feels as though her current pregnancy should’ve been a blessing, but instead, she wonders why now, after all this? She said she’s yearned for this for years, and now that it’s happening, she doesn’t even know how she’ll afford to put a roof over her baby’s head if she decides to leave her husband.

The Internet Weighs In

One Redditor said, “If he can betray you by sleeping with your sister, nothing stops him from finding an affair partner, not within your family.”

A second Redditor said, “Wow, let me tell you, this will not end well. Whatever you do, get a postnup while he’s love bombing you, get things on your name.”

A third Redditor has this to say, “Best advice. Take advantage of the love bombing!!! Be greedy for the sake of the child. It seems like he has money anyways.”

A Redditor added, “You’re going to be a single mother even if you stay with him. I don’t see a man like this as an involved father.”

A user bluntly shared, “This man is willing to abandon the children he fathered with your sister. If he does it again, are you going to stay with him? Will he stay with you? Who is to say he won’t abandon your child? You asked for advice so I will give it to you. I don’t think having a kid with him is a good idea.”

Finally, a user said, “I get that he betrayed you, but you’re complicit in him abandoning two kids who did nothing wrong, and that’s just evil. Even if it’s understandable, it’s immoral.”

Source: Reddit

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