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Women Discuss Their Relationship Wish Lists

When it comes to relationships, everyone has expectations that may or may not be met. Women look for many things in a relationship that men may not specifically get, but everyone deserves their wish list!

Women often want trust, open communication, and emotional connections in relationships. They want to feel supported, cherished, and respected by their partner. Equality and shared responsibilities are basic needs, as women often desire a partner who respects their autonomy and treats them as equals. 

Decision Making

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One Redditor said, “I look at potential partners with this lens on; It takes a really good man to replace no man. It really helps me when making decisions for first or second dates.”


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A second Redditor added, “I want reciprocation. My ex let me support him through unemployment, and I was happy to, but when I lost my job, I still paid for both of us or went Dutch. He never stopped me so he could pay like I had done for him when he was unemployed. He was always first, and I always put him first.”

Makes Life Better

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This Redditor boldly said, “My one criterion is that my partner has to make my daily life better. If they make it worse, they’re gone.”


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This user commented, “When I date, I always ask myself, ⁠can I be safe with you if something goes wrong? (like, let’s say I break my legs, and I’m bedbound. Do I have to worry about organizing food and caring for myself? Do I need to worry you are going to get a sidepiece if I’m ‘out of commission’ for a long period of time?”

Be A Partner

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One Redditor said, “We don’t hate men. Women have just evolved past this idea that men don’t have to contribute to the home, relationship, or child-rearing.”

The Opposite

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A user stated, “I guess I want an independent, self-aware, caring person who calls me on my stuff and vice versa. My first marriage was walking on eggshells. I want whatever the opposite of that is.

Care For Another

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A Redditor divulged, “I refuse to settle for someone who can’t take care of me as well as I take care of myself.”

Not A Concubine

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This user commented, “Someone who allows me to feel safe and relaxed under the roof I call home instead of expecting me to be an uncomfortable fantasy, quietly watching them play video games, waiting for their sexual needs.” 


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A highly liked comment said, “A partner who, when we disagree, doesn’t puff up and aggressively stand over me or back me into a corner, hoping to menace me into relenting my position on the matter.” 

Financial Stability

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A commenter said, “Someone who doesn’t expect their earning more to be the deciding factor in every moment of compromise.”


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A Redditor shared, “I need a mature person that doesn’t view inappropriate media while also being appalled at the idea I might create it. Currently, I don’t create it, but I can’t stand the hypocrisy of that mindset.” 


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This user shared, “I look for a partner that compliments my efforts as a person, as a mom, and acknowledges how much I do to keep the family going.”

Mental Health

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This top-liked comment said, “A man who understands and realizes that it’s perfectly normal and a good thing to get/seek help for depression, anxiety, and stress.”

Split The Work

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A user commented, “If I ever date again, I want someone who recognizes how much work it takes to make a relationship work and how a relationship cannot be about the needs of just one part.”


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A top-liked comment said, “What I want in a relationship is someone who communicates clearly, is emotionally available, and doesn’t take himself too seriously. If we have a disagreement or need to decide something (e.g., financial stuff), we talk about it calmly.”

Just Do It

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One Redditor said, “Someone that doesn’t respond, “Just ask, and I’ll do it” No. No sir. You’re an adult man, and I should not have to ask you to do basic stuff constantly.”

Being Accountable

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A user commented, “I look for someone thoughtful, funny, and constantly trying to find ways to make me happy. That said, most importantly, he acknowledges when he’s wrong and takes actual steps to fix and prevent the problem. And he holds me equally accountable.”

Don’t Act Tough

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This Redditor shared, “I don’t like guys who think they have to “act tough” by not communicating or expressing their feelings. It’s frustrating having to guess what you’re thinking and just creates unnecessary conflict.”

Be Honest

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Finally, a Redditor said, “A guy who doesn’t care about how “masculine” he is perceived and is ok with being vulnerable and honest. That is extremely attractive to most women. Emotions do not have to be gendered. They are part of being human.”

Source: Reddit

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