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Women Should Absolutely Avoid Doing These 15 This On a First Date

First dates can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking at the same time, especially for women who want to make a great impression. Today, we explore the question: “What’s something women should never do on a first date?” Join us as we uncover valuable insights and practical tips to navigate the complexities of first-date etiquette and enhance the chances of a successful connection. Whether you’re a seasoned dater or venturing into the dating scene for the first time, let’s empower women with knowledge to make their first dates truly unforgettable in all the right ways!

Talk About Ex-partners

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To begin, someone shared, “Only talk about your previous relationships.”

Someone else added, “My first boyfriend spent all three months of our relationship talking about his ex.”

A third someone said, “Talk about her ex or ask the guy about his ex.’

Overshare Personal Information

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One user wrote, “Start talking about “needing a place to stay urgently.” Uck.”

A second user replied, “Never display more than two or three of your personalities on the first date.”

Be Distracted by Phones or Devices

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A popular comment was, “Be on your phone the whole time.”

Another comment was, “Constantly look at phone or text during dinner.” 

Discuss Marriage or Long-Term Commitment

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One user replied, “Say I love you.”

Another user commented, “Give you ultimatums about getting married and having children as soon as possible. Yes, this happened twice before I even finished my first drink.”

Display Rude or Entitled Behavior

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A crazy story was, “Well, we never made it to the first date, but one thing that women should never do is call your date before the actual date, get mad at them, start accusing them of cheating on you when you’re hanging out with the boys.”

Bring Up Money or Financial Matters

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One comment was, “Ask him what he earns. That happened to me once.”

Another comment was, ‘One girl started treating me differently when I changed from a “computer guy” to “software engineer.” Her attitude changed instantly. bruh, I’m an intern getting 20 bucks an hour. I’m not rich.”

Drinking Excessively

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A funny comment was, “Drink too much. You might start blabbering and reveal your organ harvesting plans, blowing the whole thing!”

Another comment was, “Drink too much before the date, drink a little more during the date, vomit inside the guy’s car, pass out, and spend the night in the hospital with the guy waiting to take her home in the morning.”

Be Too Flirtatious with Others

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One person replied, “Flirt with the waiter.”

Another person added, “Flirt with other guys at the bar and get annoyed when the person you’re on the date with wants to talk to you.”

Pressure the Date for Physical Intimacy

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Be Disrespectful Towards Staff or Others

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A user commented, “Be rude to the waitstaff. This shows that you’re not a kind or considerate person, and it’s a major turn-off. Even if the service is bad, there’s no need to be rude to the people who are trying to help you.”

Display High Maintenance Attitude

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One person said, “DON’T tell him all your deal breakers as a list. You’re just educating him on what to hide.”

Show Up Late Without an Explanation

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One comment was, “Be late and come with the excuse of “oh, I’m always late (insert laugh) all my friends know that if I say 5:30, I really mean 5:45.” Red freaking flag. No one likes that stuff.”

Talk About Past Legal Troubles

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A user wrote, “I got one. Hide the fact that you are on house arrest.”

A second user replied, “Explain that you just got out of jail 24 hours ago and didn’t think Tinder worked that fast.” 

Dominate the Conversation or Don’t

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One comment was, “Letting the man take the lead for the entire conversation. If both sides tell and ask, the conversation will flow much better.”

Pressure the Date for Future Plans

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A user replied, “Introduce them to your parents, which was my worst first date. Even her parents seemed confused. ”

Payment Issues

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One person shared, “Asking me to pay. If I want to pay for both of us, okay. But don’t expect me to pay for a free meal while we both know there is no second date.”

Finally, another person said, “Expect me to pay for everything. I will happily pay, but you can’t expect me to.”

Source: Reddit

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