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Worst Of The Worst: Fathers Share Stories About The Worst Men Their Daughters Have Dated

The protective instinct of a father is an unwavering force, especially when it comes to their daughters. Even as their daughters grow and go off on their own to navigate the complexities of adulthood, fathers often find themselves in a unique position—striving to shield their grown children from harm and adversity, no matter what challenges may arise. 

Physically Abusive

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One user shared, “The one currently doing an 8-year stretch for attempting to strangle her.”

Drug Dealer

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A second user said, “He ran from the cops for weeks after failing a drug test (he had been caught selling drugs in a school zone years ago). He ended up hiding out in my house without us knowing, and then the cops came to the house and arrested him. She is still with this a****ole too.”

Drunk Driving

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A third user added, “The one who got drunk and drove with her in the car resulting in an accident that left her with a compound fracture on her arm. Mainly because after the accident, he pushed her down and stepped on her broken arm that wasn’t in a cast yet.

Career Criminal

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A Redditor said, “My daughter actually married and had a kid with this guy who had already done two stretches for assault with a deadly weapon. He’s back in prison for four years after pleading guilty to a felony, making criminal threats of bodily harm to her. She’s promised to divorce him while he’s gone.

The Worst

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A user commented, “The worst was Gilbert. He tried to kiss my then 11-year-old. He also got drunk and took a swing at me. Luckily I dodged it and kicked him out. My sons paid him a visit that night, and Gilbert never returned to our house.”

Got Her Hooked

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This poster said, “I had a 16 yr old stepdaughter meet a 27-year-old drug dealer at a party. She immediately moved into his trap house. She OD’d on fentanyl and was sent to the hospital. It was there that I found out his true age and address. I left, went directly to his place, and banged on the door, not knowing who or how many were going to answer. When he did, I told him to get her belongings, and that next time, I wasn’t coming alone. I returned to the hospital and dropped her bag onto her lap.”


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A commenter recalled, “My daughter dated this crazy guy in high school. She dumped him for being a crazy, and he spray-painted names on her car and smashed all her windows. What a guy!”

Boys Are Mean

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A top-liked comment said, “He told her she was ugly and made her cry. My daughter was 8 at the time. I told her some boys are mean.”

Off To Jail

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This Redditor said, “Kid was about 17. Got drunk one night, smashed up a liquor store, then showed up at our house at about 6:00 AM and threatened my wife and me with a butcher knife. Not for any specific reason other than he knew how badly he’d messed his life up. Not sure what he expected we’d do about it.”


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A poster shared, “They’d been friends since they were 12, started dating when they were 20, and then he enlisted in the Army. He was all around a pretty nice guy, and most of the family really liked him. He comes back from his first deployment and is a completely different person. He’s more violent, paranoid, and overly protective, and it became too much for my daughter to handle, and they divorced.”

Older Than Dad

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One user added, “This one, who was actually older than me by two years. He used to talk down to her in front of me and my wife. He once called her stupid in front of me, and I was about to deck him, but my wife talked me down. They broke up, thankfully.”

Before Dad Stepped In

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A user said, “The one who beat her and who I still think is a criminal, he was in his 30s, and she was a teenager. yes, thankfully, she wised up and got out of there before I needed to take action.”

A Bad Choice

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A Redditor stated, “The tattooed biker dude, who won’t marry her, got her pregnant twice. He’s also 12 years older than her. If she had let me pick her boyfriend, I would have said “No” immediately.

Unfair Treatment

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This commenter mentioned, “Her boyfriend asked my daughter to move in with him and his mom. Neither worked or attempted to work. My daughter worked 2 jobs and paid the rent. When questioned, his grown-ass, she was like, “I’m letting her live here, so it should be expected.“

Like An Animal

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One Redditor added, “The one who pooped into his hand in my shower and cussed at me for placing the toilet too far away. He missed his throw, and it ended up in the wall. After the cussing, he was very politely escorted out.”

Ivy League

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This Redditor said, “My daughter dated a man who graduated from Princeton University.  We are a Yale family, damn it!”

Deserved It

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A user shared, “He hit my daughter in front of me, and then I gave him the beating he deserved.

Addiction Issues

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A poster commented, “My daughter thought it was a good idea to date a heroin addict. We have guardianship of her 2 kids. Ugh.”

Court Martial

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One Redditor divulged, “My daughter is marrying a guy that is a prison guard and influenced her to stop talking to our family. More recently, he faked that he has cancer to get out of the military. I don’t know how that’s possible, but if true, he may be court-martialed for it.”  


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This user added, “He was so gross. He didn’t shower or brush his teeth. He also didn’t brush his disgustingly long hair or wash his clothes. His family was very poor, but that’s no excuse for being unclean to that extent. We hated him because of how gross and rude he was. He told me he had no intention of dating my daughter for much longer. I responded, “Good,” and he broke up with her the next day.”

Caught Red-Handed

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A Redditor said, “When my daughter was a teenager, she and her boyfriend at the time would always go down to the basement and make out. My wife and I caught them having s****x and made her break up with him the next day after we kicked him out of the house.”

They All Knew

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “The one that made my daughter cry turned out to be gay. He was a pilot and was obnoxious and condescending. The list goes on… She liked him, but I think my whole family knew that they weren’t going to last.

Source: Reddit

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