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If You Were Dating Yourself, Would You Get A 10/10? Real People, Real Answers

Everyone has qualities that they look for in a potential partner. Believe it or not, you may possess the qualities a potential partner seeks too! That said, do you possess the qualities in yourself that you look for in a potential partner? There are many common qualities that everyone is looking for, such as humor, kindness, open communication, and loyalty. However, the theory in question is, would you date yourself? Do you possess the qualities you look for in a partner? 

Get To Know Me First

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One user said, “I’m a good listener, but I have trouble talking about my own problems. I’ve got a decent personality but a face for radio. Going by experiences, I’d have to get to know me 1st.”

Already Do

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A second user added, “I do a “date night” every Friday with myself. I take myself out to try a different restaurant every Friday night.”

It Would Be A Mess

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A third user shared, “Physically, yeah. But emotionally, absolutely not. I have a lot of trauma I’m working through, and it would be an absolute mess if I dated someone in the state mentally I’m in.”

Not Physically Attracted

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Someone stated, “I would date my a carbon copy of me, but it’s been pointed out that there is a girl that looks like the woman version of me. I can see it, and I am not attracted to her.”

Absolutely Not

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A user posted, “NEVER. I’m horrible and broken and crazy and weird and tend not to complete things I say I’m going to. It wouldn’t last. I’m absolutely sure of that.”

Too Hairy

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This commenter added, “Emotionally, I feel like I’m everything I look for in a partner. So in that area, I think I’d be perfect, but I’m too hairy for my own tastes.”

God No

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A person mentioned, “God no, I’m a colossal jerk. I have no idea how I’ve been happily married for 28 years other than the fact that my wife is a saint.”

In Need Of The Opposite

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A top-liked comment said, “I’m a calm person and an introvert for sure, shy to the extreme and indecisive. My partner, however, is the complete opposite of me; very loud and energetic, adventurous and outgoing, and always gets me to do things I wouldn’t do alone.”


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A user said, “I’m not sure. I’ve always been more into “complementary” relationships. I’m very calm, but I tend to date impulsive girls. I’m very down-to-earth, but I also seem to date overly emotional girls. Not sure I would compliment myself well.”

Without A Doubt

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Someone shared, “Yes, I would date me because I’ve known myself my whole life, and I will for the rest of my life. I deeply love and cherish myself even though it can be hard to be alone with my own thoughts sometimes.”

Too Many Issues

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This user stated, “Absolutely not. I’m always willing to help everyone out. However, I drink too much, never call anyone, ghost people, and constantly “Irish Goodbye” at all events. I’m loyal to a fault, and I’m attracted to everything bad for me. Oh, and I can’t forget cold and standoffish. I guess the good thing is at least I know who I am!”

It Wouldn’t End Well

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A top-liked comment said, “I am my type, but I don’t think I would date me because that probably wouldn’t end well. We would likely encourage each other’s unhealthy tendencies, and the relationship would get toxic fast. Also, there’s not much we could talk about because we have the same opinion on everything, and there wouldn’t be much room for new perspectives or personal growth.”

It Would Be Boring

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This poster commented, “I am the exact opposite of the type of person I would like to date. I like a partner that challenges my view on things and has different interests that we can share. I would never want to date someone the same as me. It would be boring.”

Balance Is Best

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This user stated, “I’ve had exes that were pretty much the female versions of me. We could be best friends, but I need a sense of balance in my partner. My wife and I have a very harmonious relationship. We have similar morals but different personalities and skills. I’m creative, a mess, calming and social. She’s really smart, structured, stressed without a plan, and more antisocial. I’ve always felt we had a great balance, and now that we have a daughter, I feel like together we bring a lot to the table.”

Similarities Don’t Work

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Finally, a user shared, “I wouldn’t, no. My recent ex and I are very similar in how our brains work and our personalities, and we both know that and tried to make it work, but it’s just not meant to be. It sucks because we get along super well, and we’ll definitely always be friends, but we just don’t really complement each other at all. We made the mutual decision that It just wasn’t/wouldn’t work.”

Source: Reddit

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