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Is Zodiac Housing Discrimination a Real Problem?

You’ve probably heard of housing discrimination, which refers to the unfair or unequal treatment of individuals or groups in the housing market based on certain protected characteristics. 

People of particular ethnicities, ages, religions, or even disabilities are less likely than others to be able to find a place to rent, buy a home, or secure a loan for a property. 

The denial of access to these opportunities has nothing to do with their ability to pay or meet the requirements. It’s solely based on these characteristics or traits.

While discrimination based on race, gender, and other protected categories is widely recognized and condemned, a less discussed yet equally impactful form of bias exists: zodiac housing discrimination.

This article delves into the subtle, often overlooked ways in which your astrological sign can affect your chances in the housing market, shedding light on a more common problem than you think.

How is Zodiac Housing Discrimination Manifested?

Some property managers ask for applicants’ birthdays to get to know them better. While this may seem harmless, as some use this information to send a birthday card or verify potential tenants’ identity, others have other ideas.

Some landlords or real estate agents may consciously or unconsciously favor people with certain signs over others, leading to disparities in access to housing that are difficult to trace.

The Stereotyping Trap

If you know anything about astrology, you know that each zodiac sign has certain personality traits that people born on the same date or in weeks close to it share.

For example, an Aries might be perceived as too impulsive for a long-term lease, while a Scorpio might be unfairly associated with potential conflict with neighbors. 

 However, two people of the same sign can be completely different. Let’s not forget that the sun sign is only the tip of the iceberg of our birth chart and that we all come from different cultural backgrounds and personal experiences. 

These preconceived notions undermine the principle of equal opportunity by pigeonholing individuals into boxes without actual basis.

Two people from the same culture or race may share some characteristics, but this has nothing to do with their ability to meet the requirements for buying or renting a house. The same is true with zodiac signs. Thus, treating people differently based on their zodiac signs can perpetuate systemic inequalities that go beyond the realm of astrology.

Is There a Legal Framework?

While anti-discrimination laws do not explicitly cover housing discrimination based on zodiac signs, it underscores the need for a comprehensive approach to housing equality. 

Just as laws protect against discrimination based on race, gender, and other protected categories, I believe it should this issue is becoming more relevant every day and should be addressed. 

However, this requires collective efforts. 

If you are a real estate agency, try to develop training for your staff on recognizing and avoiding these biases. At the same time, advocacy groups can work to include astrological biases in discussions of fair housing practices, thus fostering a broader understanding of discrimination in all its forms.


Zodiac housing discrimination is becoming more prevalent every day, and it serves as a reminder that discrimination can permeate even the most unexpected facets of society. 

However, we have the power to spread the word, raise awareness, and take a step towards creating a housing market that is truly equal and accessible to all, regardless of astrological signs.

Society is evolving, and so is our commitment to dismantling all forms of discrimination, no matter how subtle they may seem.

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