Cancer Weekly Horoscope

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Weekly Horoscope Overview:

Overview (everyone):

Get ready for an exhilarating cosmic ride as we delve into this week’s transformative astrological transits. A battle of egos could make your social interactions a bit bumpy, but don’t worry. Stay grounded in your authentic self and everything will work out better than expected.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope:

Cancer Weekly Horoscope – June 21 – July 22

This week: May 22nd-May 28th

You may have to deal with uncomfortable arguments with your friends this week, but only if you react too defensively to their feedback. Instead of feeling attacked and letting your insecurities drive your decisions, try to see these comments as constructive criticism. And if your friends aren’t being as compassionate and understanding as you need this time, don’t be afraid to expand your social circle! Allow deep and meaningful connections to flourish as you show your authentic self.

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