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15 Things People Do That Are Unforgivable In A Relationship

In a relationship, certain actions and behaviors can be deemed unforgivable, as they undermine the trust, respect, and emotional bond between partners. Infidelity, for instance, is often considered one of the most unforgivable acts, as it betrays the commitment and loyalty expected within the relationship. Emotional, mental, and physical abuse, including manipulation, control, or violence, also fall into this category, as they cause profound harm and lasting damage to the victim’s well-being and self-esteem. When core values and boundaries are consistently violated, mending the brokenness and salvaging the relationship can become impossible.

Not Meeting Standards

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One commenter said, “Broken trusts, unmet boundaries, or not willing to meet basic human standards, but they require all of the above.”


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A second commenter added, “Violence, never touch your partner! We have to complement each other, not be rivals.”

Devaluing Your Partner

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A third Commenter said, “Devaluing your partner’s dreams, hopes, aspirations, and ambitions. That would be one of the deal-breakers for me.”

Feeling Unloved

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A user shared, “When you feel unloved by the person you love. Once you feel unloved, the spark is now gone.”


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Someone added, “Disrespect. Attacking your vulnerability and using things you shared against you!”

Being Treated Like A Possession

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A person shared, “Being treated like you’re a possession or a prisoner and make you feel like you owe them if/when they do something for you.”


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This poster commented, “Gaslighting or degrading you. If the other person is touting themselves as more successful than you when you haven’t even begun your career. I was recently made to feel she would have to carry me after graduating nursing school. She broke it off the week of my graduation… because of all the aforementioned issues.”

Verbal Abuse

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A commenter said, “Verbal abuse and cheating is enough for me. I found out the hard way he cheated, and when I caught him, he got verbally abusive. That was the end for me.”


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This user mentioned, “Being unfaithful and slimy behind your back. I found disgusting messages that were sent from his phone to other girls. I don’t believe he was physically cheating, but what he said was enough for me to end the relationship.”


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Someone added, “Blaming your partner and making them your enemy when you are supposed to be teammates. Violence of any kind! Dishonesty… If you don’t want to be together, say it, but they won’t say.”

Animal Abuse

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A top-liked post said, “Everyone covered the common ones, but I’ll add: Not taking care of/being negligent with pets. They’re basically my children & I am borderline neurotic about them. Letting them get hurt or neglecting their care would be unforgivable to me.”

Breaking Your Trust

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This person mentioned, “Breaking your partner’s trust/acting unethically, especially towards your partner or relationship ex: infidelity, manipulation, abuse, lying, coercion, cruelty, bigotry, hatefulness.”

Being Malicious

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A commenter posted, “Intentionally hurting your partner, especially if malicious or purposefully cruel.”

Disregarding Consent

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This user added, “Not respecting your partner’s consent or lack thereof. Specifically, if you’re doing things to them, they don’t like or have told you not to do.”

Not Pulling Your Own Weight

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Finally, a user shared, “Aside from cheating/abuse/neglect, not pulling your own weight. For example, leeching off someone because you don’t have a job and don’t want to get one. You’re supposed to be a team. WE both need to put effort into the relationship.” 

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