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People Talk About 16 Dating Rules They Usually Don’t Talk About

We uncover an unspoken set of rules that govern our interactions while we are dating. These guidelines serve as a bridge between two hearts, shaping expectations and influencing how we connect while on a date. Whether acquired through experience, societal norms, or keen observation of others, these rules mold our behavior and determine the course of our romantic encounters. In this exploration, we take a look at the strange world of dating etiquette, seeking to find out the answers to the question: What are the unspoken rules of dating?


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To start, one user commented, “In small talk, don’t reply to a question with a question. Don’t act stupid or ditzy.”

A second person added, “Cut back on purposely awkward humor unless you are confident the person will know what you’re doing and will find it funny.”


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One person wrote, “The campsite rule: Always leave the site/person in a better state than when you arrived.”


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One popular comment said, “Can’t emphasize this but be honest. If not, it’s a web of lies covering more lies. Trust me. You don’t want to be in that scenario.”

A second comment was, “You do not lie. EVER. That shit will find a way back to your significant other. Plus, it’s just wrong.”


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A user commented, “BE ON TIME. Don’t leave your date waiting and getting frustrated. It’s a bad way to start a date.”

A second user added, “Treat your partner as well as (or better than) you’d like/expect to be treated.”

Personal Hygiene

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An interesting comment was, “Do not pop your zits in my truck and wonder why I won’t kiss/ f**** you.”

Active Listening

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A user replied, “No matter what number date you’re on, 1,2,3… PUT AWAY YOUR PHONE and enjoy the company you have.”


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One reader replied, “Take Chances. If you sense a good opportunity to kiss them, DO IT!”


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A user replied, “​​Ladies—first date, pull out your wallet and try to pay, AT LEAST. If the man insists, why that’s mighty sweet of him, and THANK HIM. Next time though, you make sure to pay for something. It’s a two-way street.”


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One person commented, “For the love of Jesus, don’t give me a pet name like babe.”


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A popular comment was, “I’m late, but this is an important one – anything you say in confidence to someone you’re dating should be kept IN CONFIDENCE even after you break up.”

Shared Interests

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One user wrote, “Do what is fun for you. Marry the one who finds it fun too.”


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A funny comment was, “Don’t talk about getting engaged, your dream wedding, or how cute your kids would come out.”

Another comment said, “We’re gonna Facebook stalk each other. That’s a given. But for the love of God, DO NOT BRING UP STUFF THAT YOU’VE SEEN IN A FACEBOOK STALK.”

Emotional Support

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One reader added, “The harder you try to control the relationship, the more difficult it will be. If you try to hold onto the sand in your hand by tightly gripping it, it will slip through your fingers, yet if you cup it gently, you will hold onto it.”

Balance of Give and Take

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A user wrote, “My father-in-law always says: “Don’t do anything early-on in a relationship that you won’t continue to do for the entire relationship.”


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One reader replied, “Don’t mention you never went on a date before.”

A second user said, “I wish a written rule of dating would be if you’re not interested on the first date, kindly tell the person that you think it’s not going to work out instead of dragging him along for a while.”


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A user commented, “Unless you’re a teenager, movie dates as a first date are a bad idea. The purpose of a first date is to get to know the other person. That’s hard to do when you can’t really talk with them for 2 hours of the date.”

Another user added, “Have fun.”

Source: Reddit

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