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15 Things Men Do That Women Think Is Disgusting

When it comes to dating a man, a women’s individual preferences vary greatly. Some women find excessive arrogance or an overly inflated ego unattractive, as it can come across as off-putting and self-centered. Another common unattractive trait to women is lack of empathy or emotional intelligence. Finally, another common unattractive trait in men is poor hygiene and a lack of grooming, this tends to signal to a woman that a man either can’t or doesn’t care about taking care of himself.


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One commenter added, “I absolutely hate narcissists. Men who are egocentric, all about themselves and their own problems, and always create drama around their persona. It’s like whenever they have a problem they run to you, call you, and act like they’re your ‘best friend’. But when you’re the one with the problem, they act like it’s nothing, and tell you that you should ‘move on and forget it’.” 

King Of Gossip

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A second commenter said, “One of the most unattractive qualities I hate most is a gossipy, fowl-mouthed man who speaks badly of others. “

Competitive Conversations

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A third commenter shared, “If a man is subtly (or overtly) competing with me or anyone else during a conversation, I don’t want to continue talking with him or make him a part of any future conversation. This kind of competitiveness comes out in things like name dropping, or when you are excitedly telling others about a new experience, he mentions how he’s already been there and done that.”

A Donnie Downer

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This user mentioned, “A man who is very negative about everything – you know, a pessimist, a “Donnie Downer.” I understand that some negativity is warranted every now and then, but that should definitely be countered by some positivity as well. If not, you just kind of put a damper on everything.

Bragging About Status

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A poster commented, “A man who speaks about their job and wealth as a means of positioning themself higher on the social ladder. Nobody cares about your annual salary, you’re bragging and I don’t like it.”

Tough Guys

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Someone said, “Acting tough and big when it’s not needed. Being unreasonable, disrespectful and/or immature.”

No Ambition

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This person added, “Lack of ambition, discipline and integrity. In my opinion these are the foundations of a good man and any man that lacks any of these is not worth my time.” 

Hair Trigger

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A top-liked comment said, “A man with a temper. While I understand there are things that make us angry but of he’s flying off the handle over the smallest inconveniences that a hard no from me.”


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This poster commented, “Body odor, bad breath, stained clothes, dandruff, oily hair, dirty fingernails. Do I need to say more?”

Confidently Incorrect

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A user said, “Confidently incorrect, I see this more and more and I feel like it’s worse than “mansplaning.” I hate when a man doesn’t know what he’s talking about but acts like he does because “he’s supposed to.”

Can’t Admit Their Wrong

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A person mentioned, “Someone who can’t admit their wrongs and doesn’t know how to apologize but expects me to always say I’m sorry.”

Mocking Others Emotions

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This commenter shared, “Mocking other men for showing emotions. A guy I worked with that did this all the time. Then he’d proceed to bawl his eyes out once a week when going through a he****ish divorce.”

Can’t Or Won’t Care For Himself

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A top-liked comment said, “Men who are more than capable of looking after themselves and their homes immediately becoming seemingly incapable once a woman moves in. Like I know you know how to cook and clean; why did you stop now that I’m there?”

General Unkindness

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This user stated, “General unkindness; to wait-staff, women they’re not attracted to, people that frustrate them, etc. Keeping a general kindness to all people is so important to me, and unnecessary rudeness is a huge turn-off.”

Belittling Women

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Finally, a commenter said, “Men who are belittling to women they don’t find attractive (or say a woman is ugly after being rejected by them) are seriously the woooooooorst.”

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