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From Garage Projects to Conspiracy Theories: 15 Men’s Hobbies That Could Cause a Divide In Their Relationships

Some guys have hobbies that not all women enjoy, which can make it harder for them to connect. These hobbies might take up a lot of time, seem unusual, or make the guy spend less time with his partner. This could make a woman lose interest and not want to be with him.

Extreme Sports Junkie

Base Jumping
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Engaging in high-risk activities like BASE jumping or extreme motocross racing can be perceived as reckless and potentially life-threatening, which can be a major turn-off for safety-conscious individuals. This hobby can create worry about safety and long-term well-being.

Video Game Obsession

Man Playing a Video Game
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Spending excessive hours immersed in video games may signal a lack of real-life engagement, making connecting on a deeper level challenging. This hobby may lead to concerns about emotional availability and relationship priorities.

Collecting Obscure or Macabre Items

Macabre Items
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Hobbies involving collecting strange or morbid items may be unsettling and may not align with a partner’s interests. The fascination with such items might be incongruous with a healthy relationship.

Constant Car Modification

Car Work man under car in garage working on it
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While car enthusiasts are passionate about their hobby, non-enthusiast partners might find the extensive time and resources spent on car modifications unappealing. This hobby may raise concerns about financial priorities and time allocation.

Model Building

Model Building
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While requiring patience and skill, this hobby can be seen as isolating and may not hold widespread appeal to all partners. The solitary nature of model building might lead to concerns about quality time together.

Train Spotting

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Devoting extensive time to watching and recording trains may be viewed as an eccentric and solitary pursuit that doesn’t readily involve a partner. This hobby can raise questions about shared activities and interests.


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Collecting and preserving animal specimens as a hobby can be unsettling and, for many, ethically and aesthetically unappealing. Taxidermy can be a sensitive and divisive topic in a relationship.

Gambling and Poker Addiction

Man Money
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An obsession with gambling or poker can raise concerns about financial stability and lead to trust issues in a relationship. This hobby can result in significant financial and relational challenges.

Cosplay and LARPing

Cosplay Larp
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While creative and imaginative, some partners may find dressing up as fictional characters and role-playing awkward or out of touch with their interests in public. The public aspect of these activities might create discomfort for some.

Frequent Bar Hopping

bar shots drink alcohol
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Constantly spending time in bars can be perceived as a lack of maturity and may raise concerns about potential alcohol-related issues. This hobby can lead to doubts about responsibility and life priorities.

Adult Collectible Toys

Toy Robot Collection
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A collection of adult-themed action figures, toys, or memorabilia may make some partners uncomfortable or question the hobby’s maturity level. The nature of these collectibles can be viewed as incongruous with a serious relationship.

Extreme Bodybuilding

Man working out with muscles
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Intense bodybuilding can lead to a lifestyle that revolves around workouts and dietary restrictions, which some may find unappealing and incompatible with their own routine. This hobby might raise concerns about compatibility and shared values.


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While hunting can be a cultural or recreational activity for some, it can also be a divisive and controversial hobby for those with strong ethical or environmental concerns. The ethical considerations associated with hunting can create significant conflicts in a relationship.

Magic and Illusion

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Some partners might see performing magic tricks and illusions as gimmicky or childish, potentially leading to skepticism. This hobby may elicit doubts about maturity and interests.

Fixation on Conspiracy Theories

Man Night Sky
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An obsession with conspiracy theories, no matter how elaborate or peculiar, can be a major turn-off due to the potential for irrational beliefs and paranoia to affect the relationship. This hobby can raise concerns about critical thinking and rationality in a partner.

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