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Got The Girl: Men Share The Moment Or Event That Led Them To Finally “Getting The Girl”

Relationships and connections are based on mutual consent, respect, and emotional compatibility. The concept of men finally “getting the girl” often revolves around the idea of romantic pursuit and achievement. It represents a narrative where a man overcomes obstacles and wins the affection or attention of a woman he desires. 

Make Her Feel Loved

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One user shared, “I made her feel loved and wanted when she felt like she was worthless. Don’t think too hard about it. Just be you, and it’ll work out.”

Take A Chance

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A second user added, “After two years, I finally asked her out. Life is too short to sacrifice your happiness. I am no longer with that girl, but it’s one of the best things I did. I had the best moment of my life with her, and it boosted my confidence a lot.”

Pay Attention

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A third user said, “I paid attention to her while her current boyfriend did not. Been married for 38 happy years now.

Mutual Feelings

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This user recalled, “She had problems with her ex. He was an old “friend” of hers (very toxic), and for some reason, he hated me a lot. He thought I was toxic because I acted kind to her. He hated me so much that he got her to hate me, and one day, she unfriended me because she had mixed feelings of love and hate. After she unfriended me, I blamed myself, but I moved on because I really had no choice. One day she finally told me the entire story. She told me she had liked me for a while but had to hide her feelings because of her ex. I confessed after she sent the message, and that’s how we started dating.”

Be Yourself

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A Redditor added, “Being comfortable with who I am as a person and being a genuine person. I used to think way too much about attracting girls, but once I stopped trying honestly and having a good time myself, it became much easier to date.”

Mental Intimacy

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A poster shared, “Instead of trying to connect at a horrendously loud party, I invited her to my place, and we sat and ate ice cream while talking about psychology.”

Cook For Her

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This commenter added, “If you can cook.. it raises your chances. The last two women I’ve “courted” told me they have never had a man cook them dinner. Mind you, It was a simple steak dinner, with macaroni and mashed potatoes as sides, but it worked like a charm.”

Be Mature

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A top-liked comment said, “We didn’t work out the first time, and then I grew as a person over about five years, and that’s what took care of it. I needed to mature first.”

Share A Laugh

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One user said, “I spoke to her. Respecting her as a person and made her laugh. Laughter is the secret weapon here. If you can make a girl laugh, that’s all you’ll need.”

Issue A Challenge

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This Redditor commented, “Power and disinterest. I was more attractive when I was more assertive and had a bit of status, and when I didn’t give them the attention they wanted, forcing her to pursue me and changing up her normal dynamic. She wanted a challenge.”

Make Her Dinner

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One user posted, “I am an excellent cook. I cooked her dinner, and she never left. It’s been over 20 years now.”

Take Your Time

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A poster recalled, “The pandemic. I’m prone to severe anxiety, and the prospect of suddenly entering into a relationship always made me panic. I met my girlfriend online in February 2020, and we went on two dates before the lockdown forced us apart for several months. We had no choice but to take things slow, and I think that really helped me ease into things.”

Do A Chore With Her

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This user added, “I invited her to walk my dogs with me. And truth be told, she got me, and it took me weeks to realize. I can be denser than a black hole sometimes….”

Deep Meaningful Conversation

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Finally, a Redditor shared, “The only way I’ve ever “got a girl” was by carrying on a long conversation with them online, and eventually, as many as 3 of them decided they liked me enough to show interest in me.”

Male Redditors share their experience of the specific moment or events that finally allowed them to “get the girl.” Numerous responses from male Redditors discussed a wide range of experiences, such as becoming financially independent, taking on responsibilities, and learning how to be themselves which led to them finally getting a partner. The thread is an insightful collection of personal stories that illustrate the factors of men realizing what needed to change in order for them to become more desirable to the opposite sex.

Source: Reddit

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