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Men’s Secrets Shared: 18 Unspoken Rules That Bond Over

Whether you are male or female, we each have our unspoken rules. Rules that everyone seems to know but no one actually talks about. These rules seem to be silently passed down from generation to generation, and they continue no matter what. Recently, someone asked, “What’s an unspoken rule all males know?” The answers were honest and hilarious.

Sneezes Become Louder Once You’re a Dad

Sneezes Become Louder man sneezing mouth open with a tissue
Image credits: Depositphotos MichalLudwiczak.

One Redditor wrote, “When you become a father, all your sneezes must be loud and violent.”

Another Redditor replied, “Holding them can cause aneurysms. Dads probably have high blood pressure. I’m just fighting for my life.”

Wounds Are No Big Deal

Wounds Are No Big Deal man looking ahead with a black eye
Image credits: Depositphotos Kalcutta.

A user added, “It’s only a flesh wound 99% of the time, and hitting it, rubbing it, or ignoring it solves 99% of those problems.”

A second user wrote, “Getting asked “Are you injured or are you hurt?” by a coach and being too confused and in pain to know what that means or which one is the bad one was an important right of passage for many young men of my generation.”

Stud Finders? This Guy

Stud Finders hand holding stud finder on wall
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A funny comment was, “If you have a stud finder, be sure to use it on yourself.”

Another user replied, “Used to work at a hardware store. I have seen this joke performed more times than I can count.”

It’s Always an All-in-One Trip

All in One Trip man holding too many cups at his desk
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A Redditor replied, “Groceries must be brought in either all at once or with as few trips as physically possible. Less than both hands and arms full for a trip is only acceptable if not enough groceries are left to fill up said areas or if other men are helping.”

A second Redditor responded, “Oh man, this is too true, “what do you mean we will walk back to the car, your crazy woman” and proceeded to carry a 40-pound bag with the pinky only. And a bag on each finger, while she has one and opens the door.”

BBQ Compliements are a Must

BBQ Help man grilling steaks with family at the table in the backyard
Image credits: Depositphotos ArturVerkhovetskiy.

One user wrote, ‘If you see a man standing alone beside a bbq, you MUST go to him and compliment whatever is being cooked, preferably with an “ah yeah, that’s coming along nicely.”

Another user added, “Or you can also ask them if they want a drink which allows you escape the possibly uncomfortable situation, and by the time you get back, someone else might have taken your spot, and you go somewhere else.”

Male Greeting – Head Nod

Male Greeting two men shaking hands
Image credits: Depositphotos tonodiaz.

A Redditor replied, “The head nod. Up, for people you know and are friendly with. Down, a more formal greeting.”

A second Redditor answered, “Saw Dak Prescot in a restaurant with his now ex-girlfriend when I was leaving with my family. Before I realized who it was, we locked eyes, I gave him the up nod, and he returned it. Once out the door, my wife asked who that was. When I told her it was Dak, she started freaking out and saying we needed to go talk to him. I said, “Nope, we already did the talking.” Classy guy that Dak Prescot.”

Tool Checks

Tool Checks man using screwdriver in a garage
Image credits: Depositphotos photography33.

A popular comment was, “Do a tug on your ratchet straps and mutter out loud, “That ain’t going anywhere.”

Another comment read, “Click those tongs twice make sure they’re tonging before use.”

A third comment added, “The earthquake test.”

Hype Man

Hype Man two men drinking at a bar having fun
Image credits: Depositphotos Deklofenak.

One nice gentleman said, “Always make your boy look good in front of the girl he wants.”

Another hype man wrote, “This is a must with women but a plus with everything else. If my buddy is a cop, he is the best cop on the force. If he is a janitor, he runs that whole building.”

Slap The Bag

Slap The Bag man standing with bags behind him
Image credits: Depositphotos derepente.

One Redditor wrote, “If you see one of those massive bags of ice salt, you MUST SLAP IT.”

A second Redditor added, “Any massive bag, really. Dirt, fertilizer, road salt. Hell, I’ve slapped charcoal bags.”

Car Work

Car Work man under car in garage working on it
Image credits: Depositphotos DmitryPoch.

A user replied, “Even if you know absolutely nothing about cars, machines, the internal combustion engine, or how a screwdriver works if another dude has his hood up, you have to go look. You do not have to say anything, do not have to add anything to the conversation, you will not be expected to fix or repair anything, but you stick your goddamn head under that hood, too, even if it’s just for moral support.”

A second user commented, “If this ain’t the MF truth. I know nothing about cars, but I do it every time like I’m about to show the guy exactly how he’s gonna take his engine apart.”

Compliment Them

Compliment Them man and woman doing cheers with wine outside at a table
Image credits: Depositphotos motortion.

A popular comment was, “If a woman asks you how she looks, with zero hesitation, you compliment her.”

Another comment was, “Yeah…. I found out that “with your eyes” is definitely the wrong answer.”

No Bro Left Hanging

Image Credits: Depositphotos javiindy.

One Redditor commented, “Thou shalt never leave a bro hanging for a high five or fist bump.”

A second Redditor added, “Speaking of high fives, when you’re going in for a fiver, look at each other’s elbow for a higher hit rate. Idk why it works, but if you want a hell of a high five, look at the elbow.”

The “Pat Down”

The “Pat Down” two men standing outside talking
Image credits: Depositphotos DGLimages.

A funny comment was, “The pat down, key, wallet, phone, etc. Doing the “check” before leaving anywhere!”

A second comment was, “Left, back right, right, right, chest pocket, keys in hand. Repeat x2.”

Walking Sticks Are a Must

Sticks? Two men with walking sticks in the forest
Image credits: Depositphotos sdigitall.

A Redditor added, “If you’re on a walk, and you see a cool-looking stick, you are obligated by male law to pick it up and carry it with you for at least the duration of the walk.”

Another Redditor agreed and said, “True for a nice smooth rock too. The rock can then be brought to your dwelling and offered to your lady – or to the lady you want to seduce – who will then use it to decorate the garden. You will now look at it as spoils of war and hunt trophies. Man provides man builds. Man stock.”

Male Fight Rules

Angry guy pointing his finger
Image Credit Depositphotos 1StunningArt

One user wrote, “If you get in a physical fight with someone, the end is the end. That stuff doesn’t come up again.”

A second user replied, “A bonus if you’re cordial with that other dude from then on. Double bonus if a friendship blossoms.”

Friend Rules

Friend Rules two men eating at a party
Image credits: Depositphotos iakovenko123.

A popular comment was, “A friend is only a friend when he defends you in your absence.”

Another most-liked comment read, “What happens in the boy’s group chat stays in the boy’s group chat.”

Road Trips

Road Trips friends in a truck on a roadtrip
Image credits: Depositphotos ArturVerkhovestskiy.

One Redditor wrote, “If you’re on a road trip and there’s no traffic, you have to say “We’re really making a great time.”

No Comment 

No Comment two men talking
Image credits: Depositphotos monkeybusiness.

A Redditor added, “Wives and daughters are off limits for messed up comments. Moms and sisters are fair game.”

A second Redditor replied, “Huh, never thought about this, and yeah, I guess I always knew it too.”

Source: Reddit

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