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Weekly Horoscope Overview:

Overview (everyone):

We are about to experience an eventful week in the cosmos with three major astrological events that will shake the foundations of our inner selves. 

On August 28th, Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, encouraging us to step out of our comfort zones and let go of the habits that keep us chained to a version of ourselves we no longer want. 

Then, on August 30th, a full moon in Pisces brings a mystical air to the environment, setting the stage for us to compassionately close an important chapter in our lives and welcome a new, more exciting one.

Finally, on September 3rd, Venus goes direct in Leo, restoring our confidence and self-esteem. It’s a good time to go out and meet new people because we’re more than ready to take center stage and dazzle everyone around us with our unique glow.

Leo Weekly Horoscope:

Leo Weekly Horoscope – July 23 – August 22

This week: Aug. 28th -Sept. 03rd

This week’s astrological setting wants you to realize how much effort it takes to hold on to a grudge, Leo. It may not be easy to forget past hurts, but letting go of resentment can be a good place to start. If the other person is truly sorry, give him or her another chance. This will lead you to a more peaceful future.

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