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How to Make a Pisces Man Come Back to You

Pisces men are some of the most enigmatic of the whole zodiac. 

On the one hand, many people with this star sign are hopeless romantics who crave deep emotional connection.

But on the other hand, they cherish their personal space and struggle to express their feelings openly, making a disappearing act from time to time.

The best way to get to the heart of a Pisces man is to give them enough time to approach you without pushing them too hard. 

This zodiac sign is devoted and compassionate but can express many negative emotions under pressure.

Something similar happens when they are hurt. Pisces man pulls into his fantasy world, and getting him out of it will be very challenging. 

Still, your Pisces ex can offer you a second chance if you follow these tips.

Keep reading and find out how to make Pisces man miss you.

Pisces Zodiac Sign

Pisces is a mutable sign with a deep connection to the spiritual world. Therefore, these individuals have a sharp intuition and can easily perceive other people’s feelings.

This emotional water sign is highly compassionate and goes a long way to make people happy. They are selfless souls who usually put other people’s needs above theirs, unlike the Aries man who only thinks about fulfilling his selfish desires.

Similar to the Virgo man, Pisces wants to help other people feel better in their presence. That’s why they always go the extra mile to ensure emotional intimacy in their relationships.

The Pisces man’s heart is brimming with love, and he is eager to give it to everyone around him. They are fond of romantic gestures and look for creative ways to meet the needs of others.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac, which explains this man’s empathetic nature. They carry the experiences of all the other zodiac signs in their subconscious minds, helping them understand other people’s struggles without much explanation.

The first time you meet someone of the sign of Pisces, you may feel a little bit confused. The emotional side of this man makes them introverted and whimsical. The Pisces man’s mind is hard to understand unless you are willing to dive into his huge heart.

However, Pisces is the kind of guy who always accommodates the other person’s wants and needs, unlike the Leo man, for example. They are most happy when pleasing the people they love. 

These personality traits make Pisces the perfect match for anyone looking for the real thing at the end of the day. They aim for the long run in all their projects and relationships, prioritizing quality time with their loved ones instead of wasting time with mind games.

Moreover, the Pisces man’s past experiences don’t influence their choices. They are always willing to make a fresh start and bet on love again, regardless of how things end.

Pisces Compatibility

A Pisces partner is one of the best things anyone can encounter. Their love life is one of the most valuable areas of their existence. Consequently, Pisces’ romantic side makes their love interests feel like they are living a fairy tale with a happily-ever-after ending.

Pisces is a good match for Cancer, Scorpio, or other Pisces woman. Their fellow water signs understand their sensitive nature and match their imaginative outlook on life. 

These individuals don’t like to make the first move and rely on social media to arrange their first date, which some zodiac signs like Leo or Aries consider not very risky. Therefore, the Pisces man is the perfect partner for people of the same wavelength as them.

These romantic souls aim for long-term relationships. However, they are shy and prefer to meet their female counterparts through mutual friends. Similar to the Cancer man, Pisces has a vast inner world but struggles to express it overtly.

But, overall, the heart of a Pisces guy is vast and is not close to new people and experiences. 

His lover is usually his best friend, though, and he reminds faithful to them unless his partner gives him a real reason to distrust. The Pisces man chases people who are truly worthwhile, not the prospects who will break his heart.

He has a hard time differentiating truth from fantasy, leading them to experience occasional heartbreaks. The good news is that he doesn’t let his personal experience dampens their romantic nature for a long time.

For Pisces, love is the most important thing in his life, the root of his happiness, and a source of much fun that keeps his mental health intact.

Effective Ways to Make a Pisces Man Come Back to You

If you hurt your Pisces man’s feelings and don’t know how to get him back, it’s a good idea to understand his personality traits, body language, and unique interests. 

One of the possible reasons why Pisces may be upset is because you made him feel neglected, triggering his insecurities and bursting the bubble of happiness that kept him by your side.

Fortunately, a few tips can help you win Pisces back heart. Keep reading and find out!

Give him enough space

If you’ve just broken up with your Pisces man and want to get him back, you’ll have to be patient. Pisces doesn’t jump to conclusions quickly and needs some time to process his feelings.

A good way to push him away from you is to smother him with endless texts or force him to talk to you. Give him space and wait for him to approach you.

Send him a short, romantic text

Instead of forcing Pisces to talk to you, send him a short text. Don’t tell him how bad you feel after your breakup or try to start a conversation. Just let him know you love him and support him no matter what. 

That way, he’ll know you care for him while giving him the time and space he needs. These details can fix the emotional intimacy of your bond.

Send him a present

A romantic gesture such as a card or a thoughtful gift can help you win your Pisces man’s heart again. It doesn’t have to be expensive, as Pisces doesn’t care about luxury. 

Send him a gift you’ll know he will cherish with his heart, helping him realize you are his right partner.

Shower him with compliments

This might seem like a weird trick because Pisces men are shy and never talk about themselves. But that’s exactly what makes this strategy so powerful! 

Your Pisces man is used to praising others and overlooking his own talents. Compliment him about their looks, decisions, work, and unique personality. This will strengthen your connection as he will know that you appreciate him for who he is.

Be supportive

Pisces wants you to be patient and understanding with his times and inner processes. He doesn’t know how to explain his emotional states with words, which could make some impatient. 

However, this attitude just makes Pisces even more withdrawn and insecure. Therefore, be supportive and understanding, even if you don’t fully understand what’s happening to him. 

This will make him feel more comfortable in your presence as he knows you care about him.

Listen to him

Pisces men are excellent listeners, but they also like to be on the other side of this experience. They enjoy sharing their feelings with the right person, so make sure to make it count if they choose you.

This will make him realize that you can put yourself in his shoes and understand his struggles the same way he understands yours.

Make him feel one-of-a-kind

Pisces is a whimsical soul that spends more time wandering in the fantasy realm that in real life. 

Therefore, he needs to feel special to sustain a relationship. You can do this by reminiscing special details about your first date or other fond memories.

Flirt with him

Pisces men need to feel wanted by the other person to return to a relationship. If you flirt with him, he will know that you still want him at all levels, which will drive him crazy (in a good sense!).

However, remember that this flirting needs an emotional component to truly captivate your Pisces’ heart.

Keep a playful approach

Pisces men can be dramatic and engage in a negative mindset when hurt. If you can bring some fun into his life with a playful spirit, this could make all the difference.

Remind him of the bright side of life by making jokes, recommending a new series, or enticing his creative nature with two tickets to an art show.

Become his number 1 cheerleader

As mentioned above, Pisces men are highly sensitive, which manifests in a lack of self-confidence. 

Therefore, encouraging him to become the best version of himself will make him realize that you are an invaluable asset to his life.

Appreciate the little things

Pisces men filter reality through their feelings, so they like when you appreciate their actions, no matter how trivial. 

If he has taken out the trash, picked you up from work, or bought you an ice cream, don’t take it for granted. Express how grateful you are, and he will be even more willing to repeat these gestures.

Be honest

Honesty is the best way to make a Pisces man come back to you. They need to feel safe to stay in a relationship for the long haul, and this won’t happen if you are not trustworthy.

Therefore, tell him exactly how you feel about him and your relationship. Be as candid and sincere as possible, as this will make him feel more connected to you.

Make time for him

Pisces is not satisfied with meeting his partner for a quick lunch between business meetings. 

You’ll have to make time for him, quality time. If he doesn’t feel like you are putting the effort to connect with him, he won’t feel encouraged to resume your bond.

Offer him your help

Pisces men don’t always express their concerns and anxieties to other people. However, you can tell when he is upset or struggling with something. 

In this case, offering him your help unconditionally will make him feel more connected to you and encourage him to resume the relationship.

Don’t control him

Pisces men are free spirits who don’t like to be controlled. He is very respectful of other people’s independence and will expect you to pay him in kind.

Letting your Pisces man make his own decisions without trying to control him will show how much you care about him.

Show interest in his activities

If you don’t show interest in Pisces’ hobbies, dreams, and activities, he will never want to come back to your side. These romantic souls are highly devoted to their partners and feel very disappointed when they don’t get the same treatment.

If you show how interested you are in his life, your emotional connection will be strengthened, and Pisces won’t dare to leave your side.

Spend time with his friends and family

Pisces men take their close relationships very seriously, so they will appreciate it if you make an effort to get along with their relatives and friends.

Do your best to get to know Pisces’ best friend by engaging in honest and thoughtful conversation. The same goes for his family. When meeting them for lunch or any other gathering, make an effort to get to know them and show them your appreciation.

Be authentic

Pisces men like confident people who are not afraid of being who they are. If you don’t show your true colors from the outset, this relationship may not last as long as you expect.

Besides, Pisces see right through your masks and falls in love with your soul. You don’t have to pretend to be anything that you are not just to get him to like you.

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