Her Boyfriend Opted Out of Spending Time with Her on a Family Cruise Because it was Their Last Spring Break in College

When it comes to senior year, many, they feel as if it’s the final chapter before starting their “real life,” and they want to squeeze as much out of it as they can. Can you opt to do it alone?

For many people, college tends to be the swan song of their carefree youth. People often look back fondly on their memories of their college years, the friends they made, and the unbothered times they had during their college years. 

His girlfriend’s family invited the original poster on a 10-day cruise during their upcoming spring break. Both OP and his girlfriend are seniors and will be graduating in May, so this will be their last spring break of college before they start their post-college lives.  

The Cruise Debacle

OP’s girlfriend’s family offered to pay for half of his trip, so he would only have to pay between $300-$400, which OP says is very generous of them, but he also says he’s not a “cruise guy.”  

OP’s girlfriend is disappointed and mad at him because her siblings and their significant others are going on the trip, and she’ll be the only one without someone with her. OP says there are several reasons why he doesn’t want to go and that his girlfriend’s family goes on a cruise every year, so he feels like he’ll go next year. 

OP also said that as this is his last spring break in college, he also wanted to see his family for a few days because he feels that his life will be busy once he graduates. He doesn’t know how often he’ll be able to get home to see them, especially his grandparents.  

OP also says he has homework over break that needs to be done, and he plans to visit a friend for a weekend at the beginning of the break. To OP, all of these reasons make sense as to why he can not go on the cruise, and he even sent his girlfriend’s father a text saying how grateful he is for the invite, but due to scheduling conflicts, he cannot go. 

The Issue

However, he says that his girlfriend is now giving him the cold shoulder, and he feels like it’s unfair because he laid out all of his plans, and aside from the homework piece, which she says he can do on the cruise, he can go visit his family at any time.

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