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Inevitable Endings: 20 Early Signs That Clearly Signal the Relationship Is Over

New relationships are often exciting and full of happiness. We all hope that happiness and excitement will continue throughout its entirety. However, sometimes things start to change, and the once happy relationship turns bitter or ugly. People often realized once they stepped away that there were signs that the relationship was ending, and they just didn’t realize. Recently, someone asked the question, “What’s an early sign your relationship is over?”

Second Thoughts

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One Redditor added, “When you think twice before sharing something that makes you happy or sad with them.”


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A most liked comment was, “When you get anxiety as soon as they get home.”

A second comment was, “They call this “walking on eggshells.” If you have to tread carefully around someone, you don’t have a healthy relationship with them.”

You Don’t Care

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A user replied, “I think when you just don’t care anymore. You don’t care to fight with them. You don’t care to be intimate. You don’t care to make an effort.”

A second user added, “It really sucks when this is happening. I’m feeling this right now and it’s like trying to light a wet match. If you continue trying to stay with the person.”

Feeling Ill

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A Redditor commented, “Laying awake with a nauseated feeling about how you can break it off. Literally feeling sick from constantly thinking about ending it because you know you need to, but just can’t for various reasons.”

Another Redditor replied, “I feel like this is a lot of people right now because rent is too high for many to do it alone.”


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A popular comment read, “I remember seeing an article about a study that found contempt to be the best indicator. So they recorded a bunch of couples having a conversation and then a few years later checked back in to see who was still together and who had split. They then looked over the recordings in search of trends. They found contempt (rolling of eyes, putting down the other person’s interests or perspectives, etc.) to be the number one indicator.”

A second comment was, “I was going to say respect, but contempt is basically the opposite of that, so this makes sense. Once you find yourself actively not respecting your SO, it’s hard to ever recover from that point.”

Asking Friends

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One Redditor responded, “Asking friends if they think you should break up. At least for me, this means you’ve made the decision you just want it backed up by someone.”

A second Redditor replied, “Or better yet, your friends tell you that you should break up. Or your co-workers/acquaintances/relatives tell you that you should break up.”

Asking if is it Worth It

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A user commented, “When you start contemplating if the relationship is worth it and find yourself more annoyed by your partner’s presence than enjoying it.”

Another user added, “Came here to say this. I’d add if you find yourself fantasizing about being single again. Your gut is right more often than you think.”

Working Late

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One comment was, “You’d rather work late than go home to them.”

A second comment read, “My wife used to work in a medical practice. One of the docs came in almost half an hour late and grumpy; someone said, “Cheer up, doc, it could always be worse!” He snapped back, “Yeah, it could always be worse – I could still be at home.”

A third comment read, “Staying late at work specifically because you don’t want to see your partner means it’s over. That isn’t an early sign… unless you’ve never been in a relationship before.”

You Start to Feel Resentment

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A simple comment read, “Resentment.”

It’s Always the Same Cycle

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One Redditor responded, “When you realize you’ve gone through the same cycle with them over and over, and talked about it every time, and they acknowledge it and promise to make changes but never do.”

You Stop Talking to Eachother

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A user replied, “You stop talking to each other. In the early days of the relationship, you can’t wait to tell them every little thing that happened to you. And then towards the end, you analyze everything like “does he/she need to know this?” Maybe they get annoyed at you telling them random stories, or they won’t stop talking about theirs, or you feel like anything you talk about will raise unnecessary questions and might result in a fight.”

Another user added, “When you realize every conversation you had with them was really just them venting their problems and never asking you about anything.”

You Enjoy Time Apart

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A Redditor wrote, “When you look forward to the time you have apart more than the time that you have together.”

A second Redditor replied, “Like pretending to still be asleep in the morning and get up the minute they left the house.”

Unwilling To Change

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A most-liked comment was, “You realize there’s a problem, and you’re unwilling to work towards a solution.”

Loss of Trust

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One user responded, “The loss of trust is easy to pick up on. If they can’t trust you for the little stuff, they won’t for the big stuff.”

A second humorous comment was, “Just because I know she won’t cheat on me doesn’t mean I’m not hiding the Oreos.”


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A Redditor wrote, “Indifference. Ambivalence to how they treat you, what they do with their days/lives, whether or not you 2 have a future… if you’re indifferent, you’re likely done investing any energy into keeping things going.”

A second Redditor added, “Yep. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is apathy.”

Short Answers

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One user commented, “When answers become consistently shorter. For any relationship, friend, family, etc., you can tell a lot by how they answer things. Unless they always answer simple questions in short and concise ways (like I tend to do).”

A second user replied, “That’s it! That’s the early sign! Man, that hit home…😥”

Pros vs. Cons

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A comment read, “When you have to make a pros and cons list of the person you’re with.”

Another comment was, “Stupid Cosmo ****. I remember an EX read about making lists of reasons you love each other. She got mad because my list was stuff about how beautiful her smile was and how she made me laugh and stuff. Her complaint? “This is all about how I make you feel!” Yes, it’s a list of why I feel the way I do about you. The icing was her list was exactly the same ****. Just started a giant ass fight.”


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One Redditor wrote, “Manipulation and lack of trust are 2 major signs. I had an extremely toxic friend that would never trust me and always manipulated me for the things he wanted while simultaneously not caring about me or the things I did. Thankfully, I no longer talk with him.”

Solo Life Plans

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A Redditor responded, “When you start planning without the other person/they start planning without you. Life plans, that is, not necessarily social outings.”

A second Redditor added, “When things are changing, and you have the hope that everything will go back to “before/normal” and “it just for now”.. it’s never going back to what it was.. it’s so painful and emotionally draining.”

No Sex

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Finally, a user added, “Sex dries up, and you start a spreadsheet or count the days between times they even bother to touch you or give you any intimacy at all.”

Redditors have some pretty good first signs a relationship is over, and many people agree that these signs are definitely real! This article is inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the view of Neon Moon.

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