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20 Secret Traits Men Find Most Attractive in a Woman

When considering the factors that make women attractive to men, there exists a diverse array of personality traits that can have a captivating impact. Confidence, which exudes self-assuredness and empowerment, is widely regarded as incredibly alluring. Additionally, women who embrace their individuality and display comfort in their own skin can radiate an irresistible charm. Furthermore, possessing a good sense of humor is often perceived as an attractive magnet. So What are the rest of these traits?

Admitting Feelings

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One poster said, “Admitting she has feeling for me. Gets me every time. In the past 12 hours, I had a coworker admit she had a crush on me, and I automatically did a full 180 flip and started thinking I like her as well.”


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A second poster shared, “When she has a similar sense of humor to me. If we can roast each other and make each other laugh without trying for hours on end, then that’s it. I’m basically in love.”


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A third poster added, “Conversation skills. Especially being witty. I absolutely love when a girl is quick-witted and can hold her own in a convo or even a roast session.”

Great Traits

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A user said, “Kindness, generosity, intelligence, and confidence. These are all traits of a person, not just a woman, that make them instantly more attractive.”

A Good Hugger

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A commenter posted, “When she’s genuinely kind and gives good hugs. A girl I liked for a really long time gave great hugs with a back scratch. It was like serotonin overload every time I saw her.”


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This poster stated, “Her laugh. If it’s easygoing and friendly, she’s hot. A good belly laugh is a great way to tell awesome a girl is!”

Being Yourself 

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A top-liked comment said, “I started dating a girl who would dress in fancy clothes and seemed a little uptight. When I took her home one night, her dad met up with us with their golden retriever. The dog got really happy and started bouncing, and it got dirt all over the girl’s fancy clothes. The girl just laughed and started playing with the dog. That made her very attractive! Just… Being herself and not caring about little stuff.”

Being Happy

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This user shared, “I love when my fiancee gets happy about something small. Like when her favorite show comes on, and she starts singing the intro music, or when fast food gets delivered, she does her little happy trot to the door.”

A Little Weird

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This person said, “Honestly, I know this either sounds like bullsh*****t or a cliché, but…I am a sucker for people who are totally themselves, honest/kind, and preferably a little weird. My current girlfriend is this way; awkward and shy, but very kind and wants to help everyone.” 

A Good Attitude

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A person added, “A good attitude. I can’t count how many women, on first look, I think are not attractive at all, but when I hang out with them, I’m incredibly attracted to them. So yeah, that’s the winner for me—a good attitude.”

Genuine Interest

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One commenter shared, “Sounds like a fake answer, but really showing genuine interest is just about the hottest thing you can do. We want to feel wanted.”

A Room-Filling Laugh

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This user stated, “A genuine laugh that fills the room. My partner has that. It’s the very first thing that attracted me to her. Also, she has nice boobs. But the laugh. That’s first, for the most part.”

Cares For Wellbeing

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A top-liked comment said, “When she cares about your mental well-being after you clearly had a bad day and when she’s genuinely excited/happy for you on good days. I find that I can develop a crush on anyone who fits that description, even when I’d initially not be interested.”

Playing Coy

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A user recalled, “Went out on a date with a woman. We got drunk, came back to my place for a nightcap, and she saw my chess set. She coyly asked to play a game, and she proceeded to destroy me. Se****y as heck.”

Feeling Safe

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This person shared, “Being equally emotionally available and vulnerable with each other. Once I feel safe around a girl, there is nothing hotter.”

Odd Passions

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Someone said, Being oddly passionate about a really niche hobby. I knew a girl who was oddly interested in mushrooms. She knew all the science that went into finding and identifying them. I don’t know. Seeing that kind of passion about something you know few other people would be interested in is hot to me.”

Wearing His Clothing

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One poster stated, “For some reason, whenever a girl wears a clothing item of mine (a sweater, a shirt, jeans, anything), she becomes 100 times se****ier.”


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A commenter posted, “One who is confident and has conversation topics and just fires jokes and kindness all around.”

Social Cues

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This person said, “Someone who is socially smart. Like if they understand social cues and have street smarts.”

Embraces Traits

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Finally, a user added, “For me, it’s a girl who is willing to take charge and isn’t afraid of her masculine and feminine traits. My partner is very much like that, loves camping and getting dirty, doesn’t mind cursing like a sailor, is an amazing preschool teacher, and is tender with individuals who deserve it. That is hot as hell.”

Source: Reddit

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