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A Friend Reaches Out to You and Says She’s In Town But Unable to Hang Out Because of Her Bachelorette Party That You’re Not Invited To. What Do You Do? 

So you find you’re not invited to one of your old high school friend’s bachelorette party because she tells you she can’t hang out because she’s having her bachelorette party then. How would that make you feel? 

A Reddit user (34F) is a little confused after one of her old high school friends (34F) recently got in touch to tell her about her bachelorette party. While that sounds like a very normal situation, the twist is the fact that her old “friend” was getting in touch to tell her that she wouldn’t be able to meet up with her BECAUSE of the party. She is a little upset about not being invited but more so confused about why her friend would tell her about a party she has been left out of. 

A Woman Stuck in High School?

The original poster (OP) explains that she has a group of friends from high school that have all stayed in touch over the years, despite all seeing less and less of each other. Although most of the group living in separate cities, they do try and keep in touch with each other via phone calls and messages. 

She does concede that, due to the pandemic, contact hasn’t been as frequent as it previously was, but she still considers many of them to be her friends. One of the group members got in touch with her recently to tell her about her bachelorette party. 

However, instead of reaching out to invite her along, she was merely reaching out to tell her that she would be in town but unavailable to meet up because of the party. Weird? We certainly think so. And so does OP, who says that she would rather have been left in the dark about it.

OP believes that she is the only person out of the entire friendship group not to be invited, and she is understandably hurt by this. She says that her “friend” going out of her way to tell her about the party when she wasn’t inviting her felt spiteful and rude but wanted to check with Reddit to make sure her feelings on the matter were justified.

To us, it seems like a move from a woman who is perhaps still stuck with a high school mentality. But what did the Reddit community have to say?

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Redditors Don’t Hold Back

The Reddit community had OP’s back and was quick to go on the offensive with their opinions on her so-called friend. One person labeled OP’s friend a “b*tch and also not your friend,” while another said that she “did it to hurt you.”

A small fraction of the community did try and offer an alternative outlook, though. One person commented:

“Slightly different perspective than the other comments, but is it possible that she just did it preemptively so if you saw pictures or found out another way that they were in all in town? I get that it sounded harsh, but it may have been more of a slap in the face if you saw pictures after the fact and realized they were in town and didn’t bother to reach out to you.”

What’s the deal here? Has her friend gotten in touch out of guilt, or was she simply being nasty and rude? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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