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16 of the Hardest Decisions People Have Had to Make in a Relationship

Among the hardest decisions people have made in a relationship, one stands out as paramount—the choice to let go or hold on. This decision often arises when faced with irreconcilable differences, changing life circumstances, or conflicting aspirations. Here are 15 more that rattled people and stuck with people.

Not Going Back

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One poster said, “Breaking up was easy. The hardest part was sticking to the commitment of breaking up. I wanted her back but knew we were not right for each other.”

Knowing They’ll Leave

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A second poster commented, “Falling in love and knowing full well that she was eventually going to leave me.” 

Doing What’s Right

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A third poster added, “Choosing the right thing to do over my happiness. She was not good with children, and I could not choose her over my children.”

Moving Away

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This person recalled, “I had to choose between staying with her in our hometown or moving away for an amazing job opportunity.”

Choosing Self Respect

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A user mentioned, “Leaving the person you love who gives you everything because your self-respect is worth more.”

To Follow Dreams & Passions

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This commenter shared, “To keep my passions and dreams. He wanted other stuff, and I didn’t, and it took me a lot of courage to break it off.”

Wasting Years

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A top-liked comment said, “Spending years of my life caring for someone I knew would eventually break my heart. He was an addict, and he chose his addiction over me.”

Burying A Loved One

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A commenter recalled, “Burying my wife was the hardest thing I ever had to do. All these years later, I’m still not healed, and I don’t think I ever will be.”

To Care For Another

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One user shared, “I left the love of my life, so I could move out of state to care for my Mom. I would do the same thing over again.”

Terminating A Pregnancy

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This person added, “Terminating a pregnancy, I knew he didn’t want. He always said he didn’t want to be a father and would not stay in the relationship if I went through with the pregnancy.”

Finding Strength

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A top-liked comment said, “I left my family, job, and hometown to start a new one. Although it all seems like lost time I’ll never get back, I learned how strong I really am, even though it all failed.”

Wanting It To Work

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A poster commented, “I wanted it to work so badly, but I knew it never would. Nothing I could do. I told her this, and it didn’t take long before she was gone.”


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Someone said, “Getting married to someone I knew wasn’t my soul mate. Getting divorced when I knew it would come to that was even harder.”


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A commenter added, “Staying with a serial cheater, knowing they’d never change their ways because of all the times I took them back.”

Losing Relationships

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This user shared, “Fighting for them and supporting them to the point that I lost friends and family. Ultimately, they weren’t worth it, and I had to work hard to regain my lost relationships.”

A Stark Realization 

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Finally, a poster commented, “Realizing you’re the only one putting 100% into the relationship and having nothing reciprocated.”

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