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17 Acts of Seduction Acts Women Can Pull Off, But Don’t Work For Men

Most societies, for centuries have said that there are things a woman can and cannot do, but this time, we are talking about what a man can and can’t do. This may sound very irritating especially with the landscape of our current culture, but leave it to the internet to ask the hard-hitting questions! Recently, someone asked the question, “What’s s***y for a woman to do but creepy for a guy to do?” We compiled some of the best answers. 

Eye Contact

Eye Contact man and woman looking at each other
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One Redditor said, “Lick their lips slowly while making eye contact.”

A second Redditor said, “Extended eye contact.”

A third Redditor added, “Eye contact while dancing at a bar/club.”

Physical Contact

Physical Contact woman grabbing man’s shirt angrily
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A user added, “Grab your arm.”

Another user said, “Being touchy.”

This user said, “A sudden kiss.”


Clothing woman sitting in a button down shirt
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A Redditor had this to say, “Walking around in their gf’s shirt with no pants.”

A second Redditor added, “Walk around the house in just panties.”


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A Redditor commented, “Saying, “I’m not wearing any underwear.”

A user added, “Get their phone number from a friend to connect with them.”


Hobbies woman reading a book with a cup of coffee
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A Redditor added, “Talk about reading smut books.”

Being Flirty

Being Flirty woman blowing a kiss
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A user said, “Throw their underwear at the guitarist.”

Another user added, “Slowly bending over to pick something up while giving you a wink.”

Making the First Move

Making the First Move woman leaning on man in a flirtatious way
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A user said, “Approach someone of the opposite sex in a public place to initiate a conversation.”

To which another added, “Making the 1st move.”

Greetings and Goodbyes

Woman walking away saying bye
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One Redditor said, “Kiss a friend goodbye.”

A second user said, “Wave with fingers.”

Social Interactions

Social Interactions man and woman talking at the gym
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A Redditor said, “Winking at random people.”

A Redditor added, “The sneaky side eye checking you out!”


Man holding his face looking shocked
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A user simply said, “Flash you.”

Hitting on Someone

Having Passion couple snuggling affectionately
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One Redditor said, “Catcall.”

Another user added, “Hit on you at the gym.”

A second Redditor shared, “Flirting with a coworker.”

Giving A Compliment

Giving A Compliment happy couple smiling at each other
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A user had this to say, “Complement a woman.”

Another user said, “Telling your friend they look good.”


Standing Positions woman standing in tree pose at the park
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A user said, “Wearing short shorts.”

One Redditor said, “Wear tight yoga pants in public.”

A user said, “Wear a bikini.”

Name Calling

Attraction couple holding hands at a table looking happy and flirty
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This Redditor said, “Call a stranger pet names (honey, sugar, sweetheart, etc..)”

A second Redditor added, “flirting with bartenders and calling them cute names to get free drinks.”


Makeup woman putting on lipstick
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A user said, “Slowly put on lipstick.”


Scent woman sniffing her wrist
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A Redditor said, “Smell my hair sensually.”

Social Media

Texting Habits a woman sitting at a table
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A Redditor wrote, “Commenting “yes, queen or you’re sexy.” on pictures. 

Finally, another Redditor added, “Sliding into your dm’s.”

Source: Reddit

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