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Getting Lucky with Pick Up Lines: 15 Incredible True Stories

Pick-up lines, often the target of jokes and skepticism, can sometimes surprise us with their ability to create connections. While many are met with eye rolls and polite rejections, there have been instances where these clever one-liners have successfully sparked genuine interest, reminding us that a well-timed line can make a difference in forging a connection.

Wingman Angel

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One poster shared, “I was standing beside this cute girl. I dunno if he saw her checking me out or something, but this guy comes up to us, makes eye contact with her, points at me, and goes, “Man, that’s a really cool blazer, don’t ya think?” She gives me a once-over and agrees. He gets his drink from the bar and leaves without saying another word. Instant attraction. Dancing and hooking up happen. Thank you, random awesome wingman, wherever you are.”

In His Day

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A second poster said, “I once heard an old man say to a woman: “Back in my day, we’d have painted you on the side of an airplane.”

Take A Chance

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A third poster recalled, “Some buddies and I were at a bar just hanging out after work. There was a really pretty girl sitting at the bar with this guy next to her who was talking her ear off. One of my friends in the group just had a kind of depressing breakup and wanted to approach this girl, so we all got to talking about the best strategy. Someone suggests he slip her a note. “What should it say?” he asks. Another friend says, “This guy looks like a do****he. I might be one too, but you’ll never know unless you call me. [Phone number]” We all laugh, he gets a napkin and starts writing but then gets cold feet because he doesn’t want to sit around awkwardly waiting to see if she calls or even reads the note. So we agree we’ll all head for the door and he’ll hang back a little and pass her the note before joining us on the walk to the subway. So we execute the plan; it goes perfectly. We see her check the note while this dude is still chattering away, and she laughs and slips it into her pocket without saying a thing to the guy. She calls John before we’re a block away. They ended up dating for a few months.”

The Piano Man

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A user posted, “I was at an upscale bar for happy hour with an old friend catching up. It is a “piano bar” where everyone drinks martinis and wine trying way too hard to be sophisticated. The piano is sitting empty before the hired player gets to work. This average-looking guy wanders up to the vacant piano and starts singing and playing some Nora Jones-esque song…..and he is amazing. He sees some woman singing along, and he calls her up for a duet. She reluctantly agrees. He continues playing, and she is TOTALLY into it. Some Jedi mind control is happening. The song ends, he gets a standing ovation and walks off with the woman on his arm. They spent the next two hours at the corner of the bar drinking and talking and laughing and eventually left together.”

Fishing For Friends

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This user said, “I went to college thousands of miles from home. The first day in the dorm, I spent looking at the wall feeling sorry for myself.  On the second day, I went to a mall on the bus, but I hate malls, so I ended up in an arcade playing skeeball. I won enough tickets for a stuffed sheep about the size of a small loaf of bread. The next day, I woke up and decide to meet people.  On a whim, I took the stuffed sheep and tied a string to it, and went down to the common area. I sat down near a wall and threw the sheep out, so it was just around the corner. The first girl walks up and looks at the sheep and looks at me. I pull the string. She gets a funny look on her face and says, “What are you doing?” I said, “I’m fishing for friends.”  She just laughed and walked off. The second girl who came by picked up the sheep, and I pulled it out of her hands. She laughs and asks what I’m doing. I say I’m fishing for friends. She said, “You should just try talking to them,”  I said, “What do you think we’re doing.”  We went to lunch and dated for a while.”

Puppy Love

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A commenter added, “A guy at my university volunteered at a dog shelter. At the beginning of each school year, he’d take a young dog or puppy and bring it with him to campus. He didn’t have to hit on anyone. Girls literally flocked to him before he even walked through the doors.”

Contact Survey

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A poster recalled, “Once one of my friends walked up to a girl and casually asked, “Would you like to complete a survey?” The girl accepted, and he handed her his phone with the ‘New Contact’ screen open. How smooth!”

Large Fry And Your Number To Go

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Someone shared, “My parents met when my mom worked the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant. My dad pulled up and said, “Hey, this isn’t what I ordered. I ordered a big mac, a fry, and a date with you!”. Somehow, that worked, and here I am.”

Falling For You

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A person added, “I watched a guy fall down skiing on the steepest part of a run, and he could not stop – skis, poles, hat, and gloves go flying. As he’s rolling and sliding, I notice he’s about to do a bowling ball slam into a girl standing at the bottom. He spreads out his arms and legs and manages to stop but is lying face up, feet uphill, and she is just looking down at him like, What are you doing?  He says, “I’ve been trying to meet you all day…”

Whatever She’s Doing

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This poster commented, “One of my close friends and I were playing pool in our dorm commons when this knockout brunette sat down with a few of her friends. Me and my friend both noticed she was glancing at him, but we continued to play pool. A half hour or so went by, and I asked him what he was doing the following day at 6 (when I finished class). He turns and smiles at her before telling me, “Whatever she is doing at 6”. Her jaw dropped, and she started giggling. They dated for nearly a year after that. It was the smoothest thing I have ever seen to date.”

Just Needed An Opening

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A top-liked comment said, “I met a gorgeous girl early at the beginning of a NYE party. A few minutes before midnight, I saw her again, and she gave me a frustrated frown. “Is something wrong?” I asked. She responded,  “Last New Year’s, I didn’t have anyone to kiss at midnight, and I was really hoping this year would be different. Guess not.” I had been drinking but not so much as to miss an opening like that. Took her in my arms and kissed her up to and through the countdown. At the time, it all seemed very spontaneous, but later I learned she had been practicing that line for over an hour. Anyway, this August will be our 20th Anniversary.”

Wing Woman

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This person recalled, “For a few years in my mid-twenties, I was the wing chick for my male friends. I would swoop in to help them out when they were striking out on their own. As a female picking up another female for a male friend, my most successful pick-up line started with, ” OMG, I absolutely love your (insert whatever they have on that stands out, i.e., shoes, necklace, bracelet, etc.). I would chat them up for about 5 minutes and give the signal, and my male friends would swoop in. I introduce them and tell a story about how this friend is so awesome. Then excuse myself to the bathroom and go home. Usually would wake up to a thank you text.”

True Romance

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A user shared, “My now husband had a bad reputation in college – the mutual friends through which we met called him “woman poison” because he was known for moving from lady to lady. Although I was interested in him, I only pursued serious relationships and turned him down for months. It wasn’t that hard since I lived two hours away and had a career to focus on. One weekend, I heard a knock on my door, and on my doorstep was a book he and I had discussed the last time we saw each other. He had driven 2 hours (and was about to drive 2 hours back) just to leave me a physical copy of something we had talked about. It totally won me over – signifying that he was willing to put time into the relationship. We dated six years, married for 4, and have a 1-year-old son.”

Love Is Elementary

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This user added, “I went to a bar with a few buddies one night in college.  Met a girl I’d gone to kindergarten/first grade with (I moved away the summer before 2nd grade). Asked her, “So what have you been up to since first grade?” Twelve years later, we’re happily married with a daughter, and I distrust every boy in her kindergarten class.”

Take My Number

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Finally, a poster shared, “One of my friends used to walk behind girls and throw a scrap of paper on the ground. He’d then call out to them that they had dropped this piece of paper, and they would gratefully accept it, thinking they’d dropped something important. On it was his phone number. It worked more often than not!”

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