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Who’s Pick Should Win? Man Returns His Fiance’s Wedding Dress Because His Mother Disapproves

Bridezilla is not the problem at this wedding. Mother-in-law-zilla is more like it. Do you think her mother-in-law should have the final say on what dress her future daughter-in-law wears? Does she have any say at all?  

After this bride-to-be found a dress she loved and told her mother-in-law she didn’t like the one she “pictured her son’s wife wearing,” an argument erupted, and her fiance ended up taking back her dress. 

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Dress Shopping Disaster

The original poster (OP) starts her story off by saying that wedding planning thus far has been a nightmare, and her fiance’s mother isn’t making it any easier on them. OP feels her fiance’s demands about his mother’s “touches” on the wedding should be at least considered but OP feels that it’s their wedding and his mother should have no say in what they wear or do. 

OP’s fiance wants his mother’s “vision” of their wedding to be respected and appreciated because he is her only son.

Recently, OP’s mother-in-law insisted she comes along for wedding dress shopping, OP agreed and took her with her mom and friends. OP went on to say she was so lucky to have found what she was looking for in a dress, but then her future mother-in-law picked and showed her a dress that she said she liked so much and said, “she always pictured her son’s bride in” OP’s mother and friends thought this was a bit creepy and OP thought the dress was not her type.

She apologized and thanked her for her “vision” but told her that she had decided on the dress she had already picked.

OP’s future mother-in-law became angry over this and told my OP’s fiance because he came home that evening ranting about how OP upset his mom, “turned down” her help in choosing a wedding dress, and excluded her from the process. 

OP said she was baffled and asked, “what process?” OP feels that it’s just a wedding dress…her wedding dress, to be exact, so she really didn’t understand why his mother should get a say in the process at all. 

OP then said her fiance became upset and said that her attitude isn’t working on him or his mother and that she should consider the dress his mom wanted considering that, in his words, “both dresses weren’t that much different,” to which OP said, “yes, they were very different.” The one his mother chose was not her style.

The Bridal Showdown

OP then said that she recently came home to find out that her fiance had returned the wedding dress she picked out and purchased and replaced it with the one his mom wanted. OP immediately called her fiance.

She said he was very straightforward about what he did and why he did it. He said he really wanted her to give the dress his mother chose a chance to grow on her. 

OP then said they got into a huge argument, and she went to stay with one of her friends. Throughout the rest of the evening, OP’s fiance kept calling and texting, telling her she was overreacting. That it’s his wedding too, and that his mom has a “vision” and good intentions and just wants what is best for her as her future daughter-in-law.

Reddit Opinions

Redditors didn’t disappoint when it came to this wedding dress disaster. Many quickly shared their opinions on the OP, fiance, and mother-in-law issues.

One Redditor said, “Hand him the ring back…Say “I hope you get the wedding you and your mom have always hoped for.” Walk away.”

A second Redditor said, “ It’s good that this is happening now. This is not a dynamic that is going to change with either your fiancé or his mother. RUN.”

A third Redditor said, “NTA, sane response: call off the wedding – comedy response: take his suit back and exchange it for a clown outfit”

To which a Redditor responded, “Not a clown suit but the most outrageous adult onesie you can find, for mummy’s big baby.”

Another Redditor said, “Do you plan on having kids? Now imagine your MIL disagreeing with something you want to do for those children, and how your momma’s boy fiancé will side with her instead of you. NTA. I’m sorry, but leave while you can.”

Another responded with, “NTA and DO NOT, under any circumstance, MARRY THIS PERSON and his mother, because make no mistake, you’ll be marrying both if you go through with it as things stand. This has soooo many red flags, it’s not funny.

Finally, a Redditor added, “Doesn’t this guy have friends, or other humans around him who aren’t mom? Surely anyone would tell him how creepy, controlling, and just plain wrong his actions were?!”

Source: Reddit

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