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10 Definitions of Love Given By Real People Who Have Loved and Want to be Loved

Love is a complex emotion that defies a singular definition, encompassing a broad spectrum of experiences and expressions. At its core, love is a deep and profound affection or an intense connection that transcends boundaries. It involves genuine care and concern for another person’s well-being, happiness, and growth. 

Make Love The Priority

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One user shared, “Choosing every day to show up for yourself and them and supporting and listening to them. Also, choosing the relationship over personal feelings. Make your love a priority.”

Loving The Child Within

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A second user said, “Not hurting the child within me. To clarify, what I mean by this is when someone truly loves me, I can open up to them and share things that have hurt me in the past and my reservations about finding love, yet they’ll still work to gain my trust and love.”

Meet In The Middle

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A third user mentioned, “You do you, I do me. Let’s meet in the middle. Someone who loves me will understand that I’m an individual and they’re an individual, and we have independent lives but can come together and make it work.”


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A commenter said, “⁠Putting up with someone without question due to absolute loyalty and strong feelings towards anything you enjoy.”


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This user added, “Having a genuine concern for the well-being of another person. Like being hyper-aware of what they’re feeling when they’re feeling it. Good, bad, or otherwise. It’s about intuition.”

Even When The Chips Are Down

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A top-liked comment said, “When you love someone even when they don’t deserve love. I’m not talking about cheating or them doing something so heinous that you push it aside and still love them but we’re all human and people screw up. Even when the chips are down you still have love for them.”


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A commenter said, “Unconditional, yet with limits. Everyone has boundaries and limits. Making sure that person knows what they are and not to cross them is the best type of love, in my opinion.”


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Someone added, “Butterflies in the stomach when you’re near them, kiss them, and your heart aches with the thought of life without them.”

Strong Love

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This person proclaimed, “Always making things work out. No matter the situation, if you handle it like a team and support one another, strong love can make it through anything.”

Made Up

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One user stated, “Something Kay Jewelers and Hallmark made up to keep you watching and buying expensive things you do not need.”

Speaks To The Soul

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This poster commented, “Learning someone’s love language. This is just my opinion, but I think it’s very important that people know their partner’s love language and their partner knows theirs. Love languages speak to the soul.”

The Little Things

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A top-liked comment said, “Doing things for them just because. For me, it’s the little things. I love to surprise my wife with things that we have talked about or things that she has passionately talked about. The same goes for me. When my wife does something, even the smallest gesture like dropping a coffee off at work or bringing me a beer when I’m doing work around the house, it makes me so happy.”

A Rush Of Dopamine

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A commenter stated, “Wanting, no, needing to be with a person that desires physical contact, and that person needs to be with me and also desires physical contact. It’s the dopamine rush. Maybe I’m just addicted to that?”

Being Your True Self

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This user commented, “When you can feel and be completely safe with someone and be your true self. When there’s no hesitation about being “you” around that person because you know no matter what, they’ll never stop loving you.”

Passionate Love

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Finally, a user shared, “Intense feelings of longing and attraction is what passionate love is all about. It involves an idea of the other person and them being that person.”

Source: Reddit

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